True compassion sits unwavering In light and love,

Welfare is created from above in esoteric ways,

Ample strides accompanying its prerogative,

Honors the legion of creation

Existence is covered in apparel of devotion,

So lets execute and mention it’s recourse

That so fondly deserves praise hanging high,

rerouting it into greatness

giving us a hand to a simple levitation needed

that allows Us to climb and Pull The stars down

everso relying

on the vast discovery of the happiness they create,

And we realize we depend on their life,

To give promise of fire to our soul when we know,

That they will lead our way in the sky,

for the rest of our life

and their unparalleled devotion also exudes the plush determination

that crescents our way to the Dynasty of Deliverance

Opening the gates to the Castle of our very own Freedom

That beckons us to bargain with our release of fears

Forever engaging our confidence to shine

And confirming the benevolence of the divine

In their Friendship