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The warmth of the sun gently touches the world wrapping it’s blanket of love
emanating as we live in happiness we chance the new birth as gifts that renew us,
longing for the day we all see the same way united flying together above the clouds
carrying us to heavens gates approving of every thought that floats higher than us
angels say that we may delay our destiny if we test the stars that brighten our pathway,
lovely measures take us to songs bearing the fruit that sweetens our day ripens our appetite
for early miracles to happen Enlisting every insatiable yearning for  this power that invites
the spirit to fuel our fire in pursuit of an honest decree that lays out before me
proclaiming one hundred times over that the best news comes from above
a tiny almost inaudible message hidden in the wind pushing intuition to flourish and abreast all
doubts heaven speaks to me when I cannot listen
Blinded by fears that choke and depress me I sigh
at the very moment when I realize my heart is dressed in tightly
woven knits that embrace each good memory that cures me
and reveals its ways in the stars to match years of inspiration
that impart the true values that clearly define my journey

The sun encapsulates the power to decide my fate each day that it rises I fight for my destiny to lay before me as an open sea leading my happiness into the world I create as my eyes meet the sky I worship with graces that suit each pardoned pursuit for more than I can imagine stretching to the ends of the heavens above for answers that concern my heart I yearn for results as I race to the west and watch the sun set finally able to embrace a moment that loses power and all color in the end but for the tender minutes I capture it’s meaning breathing in fruitful desires that wash the time as I hide inside daring to receive things that empower me diving into the fire that teaches the lost soul to prosper divinity introduces me to such streams of intuition I cannot beg for any more filling my cup with the wine that imitates an allegiance to the creator that guides my ways engulfing resonance that gifts the heathen and grips each unfailing hug I send as I kiss my way through a world that uses god as an ashtray finding my roots and genes take me to generations that implore thee finding the tune that resumes my prayers enlightening all decent to rejoice in laughter that brings each drip of honesty to the table of offerings uncovering the meat and bread that nourishes the simple ones who ponder the reasons for living enlisting a passive agreement with someone that genuinely decrees the words that leave me uniform cannot bring me to my sword but watching the time escape the art that pulls at my soul in the sky maybe I will find every inch of passion today that is granted as i shower myself naked I’m taking off the clothes you give me to live in the suns embrace clouding my vision with the glitter that falls from my wings lifting me to places only the birds chirp of shaking all reasons for the sky to cry as I initiate the rainbow to float through the clouds bowing to the world engaging in a show of promise for living and I earn each color of my vision because I root for defining miracles and I scream inside hiding something that should be flying high matching the altitude of shades that bloom into imagination rain puddling on the ground introduce us to the reflections of our character relating to the flowers and the trees caring for others as we sing as a chorus together uniting and defining our lives as gifts paramount ways in our memories that store each sentiment of honor guarding our very own sanctity as we hand over when we face this rainbow raise our hands to the sky and bow to our lord giving thanks for everything good that we gain daily marking our calendars for miracles to happen guarantees his presence and allows our life to shine for miles to light the ocean that carries each wave of inspiration and ignites the flame that unites each of us with the son

This summer lays in hands that guides us and leads us to enchant our destiny
in the braces of the fence that we stand at peering into our dream world
envisioning the fresh, clean air that we inhale as every anxiety is exhaled,
diseases that are cured upon a touch or a glance with the right mind,
buildings that embrace the clouds and stars that resemble ample time
to achieve a placid field day free , relieving all our doubts, and gaining
every inch of inspiration of wonders that marvel inside beseeching
the one that created us honoring the day and hour that he stares back
at us in the mirror of reality and shows the smallest seeds of glory,
removing our sins as if cloaked in white robes investing in decrees
that resemble a world of love and commitments that drive us
to empower individuals rather than take from, these things are devoured
by the sun and kept inside its rays that shine into our lives everyday
giving the slightest light to a darkness of the world that drains us
emotionally waiting for its grips on our hearts to comfort as a blanket
of forgiveness, recharging a soul is our duty
and never forget about this that lives in the sunrays
that gently caress our days

The sun is measured in parables that escape time
with each waking breath comforting the next
shouting inside for eternity that rides on the waves
of the colorful rays into a century that commemorates
its seasons with a new glimpse of honor as the sun sets.
Searching in a moments touch for the best way to dedicate
an eye that plays into the wealth of beauty and creates opportunity
to form a bond inasmuchas a heavenly pond of unity conforming
thus mounting itself with brilliance that sings into years and marvels
at the throne that leads us to our creator enriches the bashful to an entirely
new way of love searching through the bodily form for a soul that harnesses
the power to encourage a matchless court of kings and queens that listen
to one voice only as their chests beat with pounding desire to greet the faithful
convincing us to bow on call and meet with our sanctity.

the brook of the meadows flows through
plush, nourished land that is untouched with reason
allowing all faith to surface In these years
building within streams that glow
as soft, irredescent hope
without fears of tomorrow
silence breathes insight into the night
ripples in the water balance the melody, lightly
simply caressing your thoughts
opportunity strokes the beginning of time
and you saunter about this brook
reaching into its depth to envision a life
passed your failure keeping in flight
of your achievements
press into this daylight all that you fight for
and remember to never look back
it is only taking from thee
and praise this song of your destiny
it whispers and engraves in your heart
all the wishes of your life as an art
pouring richness into this castle of prosperity

Time spills and puddles

The scene

such harmony is brought

to caress a tale

one that distills

and permeates

through the air

the light Is shown

as you wear your smile

let this next day

say to you

how marvelous

and true

to your spirit

you are

and let your rays

funnel your being

as you are running

to achieve

and believe

in something we cannot see

Thy heart is full of flowers and stars

The magic is in how it tells a sound

 by what is heard or something bound

To desirability within

The harps may say to a string

Have it as you may

But it’s beneath it all

That surpasses hopes when all are lost

Refusing to give in

Rather musing a power

That steers you to the blue sea

Emphatically recharging itself

Is the oneness formed

When all calls cease

There is one that has no end

Beginning with “I”