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You’ll be missed, Dale

When the pillars fall of life

You could always count on dale

The heavens rise

For his entrance

And the angels tell of his stories

So plenty and full of glory

His love is left to be

Awakened with each tear we shed

In this promise of everlasting

Dynasty of design

Ringing to the temples of the most high

Conclusions comes to sorts

Manifesting in what forgives us at our core

And blossoms and pours our spirit of life

In an elite power of sanctity

Thinking we have cherished

 Dale to the fullest

Honoring his memories

And giving way to the quilt of compassion

For the lives he touched

Dale’s memoir is full of serving

And only the rainbows

can only tell his tales

without Dale

we’re forced to reach higher

For our Lord

We implore thee and Thank thee

For Granting Dales life

He will be dearly missed

And his stream of love

Is ever-flowing through divinity