Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

A Thousand Sunsets

Save me a seat for the horizon!

A thousand sunsets spill across the sky,

Into the blushing sea;

In a vibrant array And joyous escape,

The sky is capable of soothing a soul,

Bringing Such a nice promise,

That Every day will end in Beauty,

And the next may lead to perfection.

Awaken Your Dreams

Let the summer sunlight

Take your worries away;

Let your senses carry you

With the scents of the flowers;

Embrace your happiness

With every smile and kindness,

Let your life awaken

Every hidden dream,

And turn them into reality.

The Joy of Springtime

The long cold winter is melting away,

Springtime is here,

and the whole World will awaken;

Make room for beauty, as Brooks flow,

greens fill the fields, and golden flowers bloom,

A darling red bird was spotted today,

A wonderful Summer is coming Soon,

Dark skies part and lighten

Those who’s sorrow shall take comfort,

Those who frown will smile again,

Enjoy the fresh and new,

happiness being brought to you.

I’m a Fool for You

Romance me with your Tease,

I’m a fool for your charms,

Always Promise to love me Til you Please;

Forever hold me in your arms,

Entice me with your portfolio of Skill,

Tempt me with your passion sublime,

Every day with you gives me a Thrill,

Your love cannot be measured in time,

Finding you must have been Kismet,

Lead me to our destiny’s wake,

Uncover my every secret,

And let’s clear the way for our fate, Love.

Snow Go Away!

From the North to the South,

And the East and West,

Nasty old man winter

has tried his very best

To blanket us over again

With cold wet snow;

You’ve outstayed your welcome

And it’s time to leave,

Please turn yourself into Spring!

I want to open up windows and doors,

And sing in the warm breeze,

Plant flowers and go swimming;

Go away Winter and leave us alone,

I’m tired of being chilled to the bone!

Reach your Dreams

Breaking down the walls to freedom

You exist to claim your passions,

Remove all barriers holding you back,

And tend to your next courageous feat.

Bring me the Sunset

As Day puts on her sombre crown;

A marvelous approach to healing

Conducts my happiness;

Settling with the blushing sea,

Beauty reigns in the depths of color;

Promising a new dawn,

Offering unlimited dreams,

And washing away all fears!

Happy Birthday!

It’s your birthday!

I wish you much pleasure and joy,

Let the years to come be 

matchless with Happiness,

And may you be fulfilled with 

Every part of life!

Happy Valentine’s Day

The happiness you bring to my heart, 

words could never say;

You make my life so beautiful,

And move me with your warm personality;

You are a dream come true and give me insight like no other—

My growing affection for you is endless

And ultimately, my heavenly escape—

Turn out the lights,

Caress my soul with your passion,

And never say goodbye.

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