Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

Love for Humanity through Hurricane Irma


A World wrapped in Heaven’s Divine Arms truly embraces

The love shared by us all especially in tough times,

We are all a Family,

Let these Hurricanes run passed us all and monitor our deepest strength

To provide and fight until the Wind and trees render our Hope,

Open this door to our true Character and shake the Tree of Life

Taking a gander at our Faith,

Compressed in all This Pain,

Lure our devotions to be our stronghold,

And let this golden spool

Sew into a dynasty the love that is necessary to help the needy

Overcome every failed promise,

Holding onto the only truth we know,

To believe and reach into the depths of heaven by our Kindnesses and Strength,

Lord, Teach us to fly again and let our wings soar bringing Jewels to your Angels

Enlighten our way to Destiny’s Charity and allow us to climb your ladder of Faith,

Provide us the melody of Courage so that we may once again Dine with your finest wine,

And hand us this Powerful Trident you speak of in our dreams,

To let us fight through every storm with a divine hunger for greatness of our form,

Please take this tragedy from us, ending our suffering,

When there is no more air for our lungs, when there is no more water for our thirst,

We will still Praise you



My Prayer

Impound in me a decree that carries my love over the Threshold,
Shaking the tree of life until every fruit of the spirit falls on me,
The Living fountain of purity sits with the astute rays of sunshine contouring what truly is Divine,
Conjuring tears of joy like watching a basket of newborn ducklings,
Stretching, learning to see for the first time,
Roots that exhort the truth behind the hinges of reality,
That greatly strengthens a person’s faith,
Carry on with miracles that behoove you
Until the everlasting Straights of Jesus part and mountains collapse,
The rain suffers and fear reigns,

When there is no more air for my lungs or water for my thirst,
Pursue me, Lord, harvest your Plantation of decrees,
That prompt forgiveness and remind me to mend my ways,
Envisioning inspiration to perhaps consume us all,
As Jesus’ name is the remedy and takes us beyond our dreams,
Let his Glory Master divinity’s chime and outline the prime face of Beauty
Creating every Passion to peak and every speaking tongue to widen in love
Encouraging the hour to bring us a timeless escape with endless wonders,
Capturing the essence of our Prized Devotions, to always Praise you


Insatiable Appetite


Caressing the gold of the platter is like fulfilling years of longings,

that have only wished to come to life,

Confounded in supple agreement,

to unite with a freedom,

that has been smothered by past strife,

a barren production of love,

outweighed by a forgiveness summoned,

by the heavens,

opening the pathway

for the breath of passion to evolve

a curtesy in tune with the desires that presume

to cloak you in a weltering defiance that claims

the unspoken fancy you require at your feast of undying approval

with succulent hopes and dreams thriving about

until you pursue the very taste that drives you insane

and makes you refine your own commencement

that assumes to take you past heaven’s glory

and redefine your entire life,

stirring every insatiable temptation inside

taking you to the castle’s doorway

tipping all the scales to what truly is divine

Thirsting for you

Tether me to the strings of your passion, my love

Fulfill every quested devotion, and kiss me until the sun sets no more

Rave about with your plying pride until mine smothers you with famine

Thirsting for the very semblance of purity I offer you

Can this heart mend with the copulating consent

The succulent desire’s haven approached us

And we have both fallen to it’s magical temptations

Let the stream of glory find you ready for it’s meal

And take from the parcels of beauty, every matchless appeal

Come to my tresses, and let me bury you alive in my passion

Until our strength meets with perfection and

We find ourselves on our knees to Christ

My Love

Reaching above the Tides of your floated safe, demands a play that changes my ways,

For you are the one that I take with me, to every rapture

every joy, carry us to the doorway of Grandiour where perfection peaks

Open for the passionate potion of delight that hangs on every word from your mouth,

may I kiss this premise of peace and utter joy?

The scope of your beauty tells of the May

Blooming of youth so sits your soul

Believing in achieving is accrediting the blue

Receiving and leaving a destiny’s truth.

To be one with nature is the highest calling

Appearing the petals comes in living as each days proof

Of the finest deligt that finds me

For cheering is believing and I have you,

To remind me of the precious of cares

, so lays your whispers in the air,

Tenderly obliging is your decree

Along with your destiny that plays each vendor, playing each string of the harp

Calling to me with each vibration enhancing my vision that introduces me to My mission

Wrapping the lit dream of pure submission

Around the burning desire of the raving fire I have for you

Setting the radar to clear the skies for the next

Horizon that talks to me

Making me dance with every glance of its beauty

subtly winning the hearts of every Angel calling,

To Trump my yearning that is gnawing at my past

For when your tongue hides my mind meets with fury

Your purity grips the reigns of heaven and even gives me the chance to hurry

In tumultuous design to carry the resemblance of the hero you curate in me

I am the muse for you, use me and never let me go

Until the drips of the fountain of life no longer flow and darkness cries in the sky

Meet me in Heaven and pour your love on me, until the Finest hour above

When Christ shines his face and displays the currency we all long for,

Redefining our souls

Thankful for love

Thankfulness commits to the season of gratitude, teasing my senses

Poised for sentiment and introducing us to the coddling joy of our Father

We reason with our fears hoping to set fire and steer them with the power of release

Timing the nourishing of our favor that gifts us with the calling to forgive and be forgiven, fostering the benevolent values that court our place in life

Fences are built around the true lure of the castle that exists pulling at our passion announcing its outfit that deserves praise with the sun’s rays on it

Yearning for the shire and presence of Christ we share the pure quest of the chosen desire

To remedy the poison set forth bringing us to battle when we have no

Utterance or opposition for the welfare that is covered in rain or sorrow

We search for heaven and time raids our hearts

When we speak a fluent picture of art

Eternity peaks clearly influencing what i seek

That is only the prevalent love that created me.

Unmask Your Passion

While gambling often find us on our knees, the directions negotiated with, are compromising with your promise of devotions to GOD first. There is so much to say about the natural direction of our ways, that help extend our life.

We pamper our freedom by diagnosing our reasoning with either slumber, or gifting it a bike to ride on to visit the world. With a piggyback of various consensual agreements that commit to a mindful appearance for presenting an ultimate Thankfulness for life and thankfulness to God, for life.

Redefining the momentum, that guides you to be destined for true wellness in heaven, is the only stable direction you should follow to truly embrace in your inner being. This Passion stirs inside and plants the seed that harbors true honor.

Passion that presses on our sanctity and alleviates our stress. Takes us through battles, while bearing the flame behind barriers that tempt us to reason with ourselves- Igniting this flame that you envision with the promising flag of approval following us, outlaying the vested appreciation and shining its faith on humanity . Allowing this prestige to Oversee such parameters, marks ones destiny and opens the pathway to your dreams.

Fulfillment strikes us and seeks its moment to flourish encouraging joy to spill into our lives, as Grace.  And will always find you, Constantly pouring its value upon you with the art of love, redefining your abilities and capturing your ideals.

Follow your heart,  run after your dreams, and never give up.