Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

My Love

Reaching above the Tides of your floated safe, demands a play that changes my ways,

For you are the one that I take with me, to every rapture

every joy, carry us to the doorway of Grandiour where perfection peaks

Open for the passionate potion of delight that hangs on every word from your mouth,

may I kiss this premise of peace and utter joy?

The scope of your beauty tells of the May

Blooming of youth so sits your soul

Believing in achieving is accrediting the blue

Receiving and leaving a destiny’s truth.

To be one with nature is the highest calling

Appearing the petals comes in living as each days proof

Of the finest deligt that finds me

For cheering is believing and I have you,

To remind me of the precious of cares

, so lays your whispers in the air,

Tenderly obliging is your decree

Along with your destiny that plays each vendor, playing each string of the harp

Calling to me with each vibration enhancing my vision that introduces me to My mission

Wrapping the lit dream of pure submission

Around the burning desire of the raving fire I have for you

Setting the radar to clear the skies for the next

Horizon that talks to me

Making me dance with every glance of its beauty

subtly winning the hearts of every Angel calling,

To Trump my yearning that is gnawing at my past

For when your tongue hides my mind meets with fury

Your purity grips the reigns of heaven and even gives me the chance to hurry

In tumultuous design to carry the resemblance of the hero you curate in me

I am the muse for you, use me and never let me go

Until the drips of the fountain of life no longer flow and darkness cries in the sky

Meet me in Heaven and pour your love on me, until the Finest hour above

When Christ shines his face and displays the currency we all long for,

Redefining our souls


Thankful for love

Thankfulness commits to the season of gratitude, teasing my senses

Poised for sentiment and introducing us to the coddling joy of our Father

We reason with our fears hoping to set fire and steer them with the power of release

Timing the nourishing of our favor that gifts us with the calling to forgive and be forgiven, fostering the benevolent values that court our place in life

Fences are built around the true lure of the castle that exists pulling at our passion announcing its outfit that deserves praise with the sun’s rays on it

Yearning for the shire and presence of Christ we share the pure quest of the chosen desire

To remedy the poison set forth bringing us to battle when we have no

Utterance or opposition for the welfare that is covered in rain or sorrow

We search for heaven and time raids our hearts

When we speak a fluent picture of art

Eternity peaks clearly influencing what i seek

That is only the prevalent love that created me.

Unmask Your Passion

While the Raffles find us on our knees, the directions negotiated with, are the promise of devotions to GOD first. There is so much to say about the natural direction of our ways, that help extend our life.

We pamper our freedom by diagnosing our reasoning with either slumber, or gifting it a bike to ride on to visit the world. With a piggyback of various consensual agreements that commit to a mindful appearance for presenting an ultimate Thankfulness for life and thankfulness to God, for life.

Redefining the momentum, that poses as discrete guides to be destined for true wellness and heaven. This Passion stirs inside and plants the seed that harbors true honor.

Passion that presses on our sanctity and alleviates our stress. Takes us through battles, while bearing the flame behind barriers that temp us to reason with ourselves- Igniting this flame that you envision with the promising flag of approval following us, outlaying the vested appreciation and shining its faith on humanity . Allowing this prestige to Oversee such parameters, marks ones destiny and opens the pathway to your dreams.

Fulfillment strikes us and seeks its moment to flourish encouraging joy to spill into our lives, as Grace.  And will always find you, Constantly pouring its value upon you with the art of love, redefining your abilities and capturing your ideals.

Follow your heart,  run after your dreams, and never give up.

Your Friendship Helps Light My Way


True compassion sits unwavering In light and love,

Welfare is created from above in esoteric ways,

Ample strides accompanying its prerogative,

Honors the legion of creation

Existence is covered in apparel of devotion,

So lets execute and mention it’s recourse

That so fondly deserves praise hanging high,

rerouting it into greatness

giving us a hand to a simple levitation needed

that allows Us to climb and Pull The stars down

everso relying

on the vast discovery of the happiness they create,

And we realize we depend on their life,

To give promise of fire to our soul when we know,

That they will lead our way in the sky,

for the rest of our life

and their unparalleled devotion also exudes the plush determination

that crescents our way to the Dynasty of Deliverance

Opening the gates to the Castle of our very own Freedom

That beckons us to bargain with our release of fears

Forever engaging our confidence to shine

And confirming the benevolence of the divine

In their Friendship

Let Me Mirror All Fineness Someday

The hand of fate quenches his thirst tonight,

As I try to write like a blind person,

Hoping to achieve a rendered poetic vice to this life and greatness in solitude

Executing a depth in standard of faith so proliferating

that the doors of heaven open, and the wand of hope that waves in wonder

relies on those hefty credentials to cover me like a warm blanket seeking only the mercy

of the King that keeps me fighting and on my knees

You see, I’m Steering as a Captain of this ship, revving my engine,

Allowing pain to shed as rain falls from the sky to alleviate

A tumultuous forecast of baffling desires that dare not even seek breath,

Upon forgiveness of my own sins, I’ve sought the harbor of all Opportunity

And it’s divine sister embraces my future so intricately, I’m forced

to Tune my own strings as if I’m a violin ready for use

I’m captured by the wings of angels and sentiment carries me until the sun rises again

And I’m called to explore more of who I can be

Let me mirror all fineness someday

According to Love

Quick help!  Pull me by my arms out of the quick sand of fallacy, that’s stealing our lives, our ways, and our own minds!

Teach us the lure of divinity’s sake that wakens this passion, burning tides of my vision inside! Be o’er the throttle connecting to the impossible!

Unleash your miraculous signs that leaven a Love Backdraft so all-consuming it becomes the potion for society!

Introduce us to this, and send it to spread like a disease fighting to stay alive!

And every time fear shows its rearing face, let this contend with all darkness, while owning a determination so moving that it resumes and fuels humanity for eternity!

Only this, infallible sight of righteousness, will stay to embark on the island of light that continues to dance on the bridges of hope entrancing us tonight!  Claiming all our hearts, quenching this desert’s thirst from loneliness for a million years,

Assuming Loves’ Crescendo, detailing eternity’s walls of gold as the scroll of Heaven’s Opera and lathers our life, cleansing us as treatise of the wise, courting us to duties of surprise,

While opening our mouths of goodness and dilating our hearts, let the necessary swarming bees everso fertilize us with their power!

The flower, a vested, fostering scent o’ inspiration has risen! Yet reveling in the comfort of its honor,

To leave its sentimental petals of divinity flourishing as the resin describing our soul’s own purity!

Calling us to meet our true hero that sits inside us at night waiting to speak, O Christ meet us today!

Pouring His ever-perfecting potion on our tongue of favor that graces our destiny

Reminding us that epiphany’s clandestine place creates all of time, ideas, wine and thrives on

Every unwoven, unspoken mind yet stirs waiting to be unleashed

Tempting courage to run free and inundate, the once remorseful hidden beauty,

That climbs to its own calling forming a mold so strengthening it becomes the glue to our own family! And teaches us the score provided to enlighten us how to become the best type of Friend possible!

Open your eyes to the Direction of the next wave of the Lord calling your name!

This world that is crying because we would rather hide our eyes then to feed others,

Running is our weakness and the Legion waits for us to stay with them announcing the new Palissy’s

Breed that will introduce us to the finish line in praise of devotions!

Earnest appraisals coming to us all. . . as a prize for our praise to the sky, in such a boldness that

Our own Eagles cry for us because of the exploding beauty that remains in the hearts of America.  United we will attack hate with the pureness necessary to invite Christ into all our ways of goodness and offerings, giving more, respecting more, and genuinely completing our training courses on how to achieve a more brilliant perspective on Love for our families, and in time, the entire World will eventually find how the sustenance of love just seems to always win. This will move them to gear up with it and learn what life is really about.

Earning our place and riding the clouds of encouragement that comfort our coming ways as the Dynamic entourage of hope, offering abilities to overcoming our weak illusions of life!

Freedom will Remain!   As we reach the letters of parables only the country’s ancestors dreamed of Heaving the type of proof that our life deserves more than what we can see, touch us all and breathe healing energy into us!

Contour the design of our hearts to start absorbing your ways,

Demolish this pain that takes our day and recover us with placid hopes and dreams that carry the Angels’ fury,

Capturing the cure that the World needs in our hands of purity, as if we sing to make Spring come out every year and meet on our knees for your gracious destiny,

Traditions’ youth blooms in the devotions truth remains, tending to the son’s correction of his Word,

Gearing up by Throwing the Darts of Courage at us hoping to halt the discouragement that breaks us,

Wait til the castle in our hearts ignite in flame, and gain the Freedom of the lighthouse’s Beacon that Tames all our worry at sea!

Casting the gems of heaven to cloak our sanity of what we can control in this life! Hand in hand until the darkness leaves faithfully, and certainly.

“Proudly regaining our foundations that once fell as the tresses of heaven. . .”


By Aimee Antozak


Compassion for Florida


Compassion For Florida,


Please help!  By Giving to others as much as we can and supporting the trust that created us to have the freedom to be our Authentic self, is the core of what Love is. It deserves Praise, not Hate!  Tragedy happens over and over, yet we never fully prepare our hearts for the news of such a shocking, tragic horror as what has happened in Florida.


I’ve come to realize, Love and respect cannot be defined by color or gender, because it is self- existing and finds us all in different ways, usually also as Agents used seeking to deliver us at times, offering us a “glimpse of heaven on earth.”  It connects us to the essence of divinity that is the only introduction to the treasures of life and the only Authority that allows you to reach your potential that leads you to your true freedom.



So leave your dull ways behind and grip onto this Kite taking flight saying in Crimson Red, “We refuse to give up because we are all alike!”  We are the same and all Remarkable Beyond compare! Cultures remain only in the name of Family, and love is how families start!


We have to stand and say together, “Love is our new Anthem and the only promising help that always wins!”  Our Trust lays in this, helping others.  How can we not be affected by this disturbing crisis, when we all have the same heartbeat!


Also, it might be the only introduction to Jesus that survives all our earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and even our own bodies. What an exciting realm we are given with love and why hold it back!


Love is the only free currency we have, why disrupt this beautiful thing?!


Love and respect cannot be defined by color or gender, Rather, by letting it refine us in our ways and deeds to complete our true destiny approving of all families and life.


Showing our truest compassion and coining this phrase as if Knights being saluted for courage. We need to be this way!


We refuse to be anything but confident and secure in who we are in Christ, by both resembling his values and making an impact that relieves our congregation of worries that keep us hurrying, scurrying from place to place without giving heed the to the true treasures of life, which is people.


Capturing moments with them, treasuring their lives before they are gone, will remedy hate by not making them feel so alone or different before they act out as hosts for evil to strike.


Love serves this life as a compass carrying in it every direction, every answer, every memory harvested, yet you swerve so carelessly! And now Hate is destructing all of us today, affecting us as a knife in our side.  And Now, we need to cry out to the Lord for help to reconstruct our hearts as we continue to get hit with the bullets of hate, that burn our skin with every lie about life and love! We cannot believe lies about love!


We will promote our Confirmation and steadfast approach to what keeps our feet in the soundness of our foundation helping it float around the world in Love.  The only things that can occupy our minds are positivity and fighting back!


Fighting the hate with our currency that Christ allows of Love’s Fortitude, and encouraging its assembly and embrace!


Finding all opportunity of direction where cheer can meet the stripes of our flag!   A courageous symbol of White, red, and blue token of approval, already signed on our Declaration of Independence! Who dare strike this! And who dare try to shatter our Faith!


We need to pray to the Lord to Cast the gems of heaven to cloak all our sanity, and send all our compassion to Florida in hopes of healing this corrupt deception that kills us all.


We will Stand firm until the fog of darkness leaves faithfully, and certainly, continue to Open up the only unstoppable force of life, LOVE and all the beauty it has to offer.  As Christ Lives in us ready to bloom and heal!

Capturing the cure that the World needs in our hands,


If we sing together in Praise, we can make Seasons change and miracles will happen!


Earnest appraisals coming to us all. . . as a prize for our praise to the sky, in such a boldness that

Our own Eagles cry for us because of the exploding beauty that remains in the hearts of America is also endangered.

United we will attack hate with the pureness necessary to invite Christ into all our ways of goodness and offerings, giving more, respecting more, and genuinely completing our training courses on how to achieve a more brilliant perspective on Love for our families, and in time, the entire World will eventually figure out how the sustenance of love just seems to always win, as if being offered a blanket to us all on a frigid, cold year. This will move them to gear up with it and learn what life is really about.


As all religions come together, all nationalities, all colors, all genders, to sing together in compassion for Florida, let this remind you how Love is supposed to work! And renew this in you too! By saying something nice today or reaching out in ways never done before. . . by claiming Christ’s Love for you, and also you that makes mistakes, you sitting way back in class trying to hide, and also he loves Atheists too. J


Proudly regaining our foundations that once fell as the tresses of heaven…


By Aimee Antozak