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Enclosed is my passion

Laying low to ration

With abilities

You tease me with insight

And I hand you a medal

Hoping you can see through

The pardons

You are

Forcefully rejected

And I elect a new person

For me

So much kin is available to us

If you choose

To believe in something more

And we can do better for us

Choices come along

And play into the stream of reality

And sets in dreams and desires

That better people and things

If you weren’t so full of it

I could admit

That you could be nicer

But today

It’s plain that you don’t care enough

To commit to me


I’m leaving you now

Love, Take me to the depths of your love

Teach me to see the beginning of divinity

Consume me with your passion

And escort me into ecstasy

Happy Birthday!

This is your day

To relax

And enjoy

What you have

Take this day

And rejuvenate

Your spirit

Lift your cares to the sun

And worry only

About what song

You want to play

It’s your birthday

this might seem late

but today I will make

sure you know how great you are

Your life Has been

A monument Of beauty

Let this Display

Show you How truly

Wonderful You are

Happy 40th birthday

And let all your wishes

Come to fruition this year

50th Birthday Woman

Today it seems

Plain I should

congratulate you

On living a life

That brings

A colorful

stream of beauty

into the air

Happy Birthday

And let this year

bring you

a dream

that includes this rainbow

reflecting on all your years to come

 Think of

Your life

And let it take you

To oceans

of beauty

showing you

what you bring to

people’s lives

Happy Birthday

And let this year

Bring you a taste

Of what you offer others

Love, come sit with me and assist me with my future

so much beauty in your eyes

as you wink at me secretly exposing your thoughts

please testify my love is like a rainbow

endless and full of color


Love, when you touch me

It sends the tingles of inspiration down my spine

So many fables we hear of

Always reminding me of what is mine

You have regal attributes

And you’re definitely one of a kind

I am able to see my future in your eyes

You’re   quite a find

Love, today I make due with what I’m given

You’re always reminding me that I’m forgiven

Christ is risen to take our sins

And now I wash your feet

Please meet me on the shore

Where there’s much more to see

Than just our destiny

The promise

Love, your beauty rests in your smile

You have so much to offer the world

I want to give you this pearl as a promise

To always go the extra mile for you

It’s true I’m a fool for you

And I pledge to always honor you