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A Miracle

Surrenders my soul

Like the everso,

decadent plumes of the Opera,

Lord we come to you broken

take us to your mountain of hope

And pour your miracles on us

Eternity’s wave of excellence is over me

I praise you Upon devotions wall of gold

And I stand open to ask

for the sons miracle in my life


Push the limits of your excellence,

by pushing your kindnesses onto others,

lift the veil to your best courtesy,

by lifting your hands to Christ in praise

Hand your worries to the Lord,

believe in the power of the stars,

and let them shower you with Hope


A World wrapped in Heaven’s Divine Arms truly embraces

The love shared by us all especially in tough times,

We are all a Family,

Let these Hurricanes run passed us all and monitor our deepest strength

To provide and fight until the Wind and trees render our Hope,

Open this door to our true Character and shake the Tree of Life

Taking a gander at our Faith,

Compressed in all This Pain,

Lure our devotions to be our stronghold,

And let this golden spool

Sew into a dynasty the love that is necessary to help the needy

Overcome every failed promise,

Holding onto the only truth we know,

To believe and reach into the depths of heaven by our Kindnesses and Strength,

Lord, Teach us to fly again and let our wings soar bringing Jewels to your Angels

Enlighten our way to Destiny’s Charity and allow us to climb your ladder of Faith,

Provide us the melody of Courage so that we may once again Dine with your finest wine,

And hand us this Powerful Trident you speak of in our dreams,

To let us fight through every storm with a divine hunger for greatness of our form,

Please take this tragedy from us, ending our suffering,

When there is no more air for our lungs, when there is no more water for our thirst,

We will still Praise you



I praise thee
such wonder, such care, my thoughts deplete me of despair
you take me to your bosom and relax my state to meditate on thee
approaching the date of grand escapes into a realm of divinity
lays the rock of faith that lay the land of plenty and abundance
whisper in the breeze the harmony that takes me
to places in the sea and your beauty surpasses the mountains and lakes
tell me that this passion plays an important role in my future
hold me and kiss me with bliss so that I may see
how perfect thou art risen in the sky
your son reflects such monumental feelings
how true, how marvelous, my heart is to collect thy treasures of
youth and my pleasures resourcefully praise you

Lord, Your sunrise lays an allegiance in the skies
One saying that as I stand to be wise
You also buy my heart and I decide
To not hide but embark on what is foretold
As I implode with your eyes on me
I lay as colors retracted by the son
These colors enrich me and I have won
My desires back to give credit where credit is due
And in this I will bloom
With all of the ways of a rainbow
For all my days as I love you

The winds move freely
The whispers of angels are singing
Time moves us to thoughts of winning
In a world so full of posture
A glimmering decimal of hope lay stray
Upon the hand that may
Tug at you for this and that
How is it you have such
Presence with the months
That stare down into your soul
As you achieve all that you believe
With the touch of glitter
Of the fairies that are dancing
Around your very own fire
Let your desires shine into the light
And never forget that your sight
Is such from the highest almighty

So many pleasures of the day

How do you plan this next may?

With showers of delight

And flowers to the light

To show off the beauty

Of the planet

Pollen in the air

Leaves in the breeze

And trees that we breathe!

How fantastical your empire

Could be if you sat with me

And showed your trust to the ocean

And let it take you

To places reminiscing your past

And focusing on the angels

Discussing such fortune

As we drift at sea

In heavenly pursuits

Temptations leave me

Floating in the breeze

With desires and hopes

That I only dream

The magic lay

In what I can say

As a delivered woman

I know as I keep my chin up

The mountains and lakes

Will fold into a manuscript and takes

Me beyond words

Performing in bliss

With this

And this

With words that kiss

The tips

Of heaven

In prayer

Brilliance resounds in action

Creating means falling into inspiration,

And becoming one with fascination Of beyond,

Divinity plays an important role In creation;

So let your thoughts run free

And bow as a majesty,

You are the king or queen of yourself

and the way you choose to talk,

To behave, to dream, and to achieve–

Live in unlimited proportions

to mend your day,

Excellence comes with admitting

The Lord is in control,

Committing to your desires forces you to push higher

By demanding the best of yourself

God commands you to feel free

Choose your ways as the color lay in the sky,

Full of renown sacrifice from God,

Promising us a rainbow,

Let this next display

Say to you and your capabilities

That you can prepare

And turn your fears into heroic tales

For your legacy