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Denny’s thoughtfulness resonates with us all

and his generosity surpasses every mountain,

He has fine tuned what it means to have lived well,

And has climbed the bridge of everlasting love,

He has always been a great Dad, uncle, grandpa and husband,

He wrapped others with a blanket of kindness and served everyone with favor,

Being an avid outdoorsman, he loved to hunt deer, turkey or an occasional bear,

There’s a bear from Canada,

who would be surprised to know he’s been hanging out In Bitely all this time!

We will revel in Hope today

Denny’s battle with Cancer Inspires us all to live life to the fullest

We’ll remember the good times, laughter, and fun we had

Just Sharing stories             

At this time of sorrow,

It is hard to believe that the sun will once again shine

But, This is a supreme test in life

Seeing what strengths we have…                

We will not stand at his  grave and weep, No

He  has  shown us the route to happiness

Begins in our hearts and fights through obstacles.   

So we celebrate him         


Although your work on earth is done

Your life in heaven has just begun!

Rest in everlasting Peace.

we are better people for having known you.

A Miracle

Surrenders my soul

Like the everso,

decadent plumes of the Opera,

Lord we come to you broken

take us to your mountain of hope

And pour your miracles on us

Eternity’s wave of excellence is over me

I praise you Upon devotions wall of gold

And I stand open to ask

for the sons miracle in my life


Presume your lightening of blessings around me

And render my unabashed hope as all granted

I run without fears as my burning allegiance stirs the angels to sing

And reminds me of your devout promise to harvest all my most sincere strengths

Kiss me and Help bloom your golden, untentered desires

leaving me gently holding the hand of the dynasty’s groom

Renew my pallet of genuine trust

and let grow your truth

With an ever-widening path of love

that speaks to Eternity

by my immovable faith

I implore thee


Push the limits of your excellence,

by pushing your kindnesses onto others,

lift the veil to your best courtesy,

by lifting your hands to Christ in praise


A World wrapped in Heaven’s Divine Arms truly embraces

The love shared by us all especially in tough times,

We are all a Family,

Let these Hurricanes run passed us all and monitor our deepest strength

To provide and fight until the Wind and trees render our Hope,

Open this door to our true Character and shake the Tree of Life

Taking a gander at our Faith,

Compressed in all This Pain,

Lure our devotions to be our stronghold,

And let this golden spool

Sew into a dynasty the love that is necessary to help the needy

Overcome every failed promise,

Holding onto the only truth we know,

To believe and reach into the depths of heaven by our Kindnesses and Strength,

Lord, Teach us to fly again and let our wings soar bringing Jewels to your Angels

Enlighten our way to Destiny’s Charity and allow us to climb your ladder of Faith,

Provide us the melody of Courage so that we may once again Dine with your finest wine,

And hand us this Powerful Trident you speak of in our dreams,

To let us fight through every storm with a divine hunger for greatness of our form,

Please take this tragedy from us, ending our suffering,

When there is no more air for our lungs, when there is no more water for our thirst,

We will still Praise you




Lord, my life is such a gift

Don’t let me miss out on it

You take me to the shadows of the darkness

And push me to take heart of a new me

One I don’t like

Press in me better decisions than yesterday

Bear with me every last escape

And never let me take the easy way out

Forgive me for my train of thoughts

Instill courage as I see the truth

Be in harmony with me

And charm me into a new conception

I need you more than ever right now

Today and tomorrow

Keep me strong