Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

Unmask Your Passion

While gambling often find us on our knees, the directions negotiated with, are compromising with your promise of devotions to GOD first. There is so much to say about the natural direction of our ways, that help extend our life.

We pamper our freedom by diagnosing our reasoning with either slumber, or gifting it a bike to ride on to visit the world. With a piggyback of various consensual agreements that commit to a mindful appearance for presenting an ultimate Thankfulness for life and thankfulness to God, for life.

Redefining the momentum, that guides you to be destined for true wellness in heaven, is the only stable direction you should follow to truly embrace in your inner being. This Passion stirs inside and plants the seed that harbors true honor.

Passion that presses on our sanctity and alleviates our stress. Takes us through battles, while bearing the flame behind barriers that tempt us to reason with ourselves- Igniting this flame that you envision with the promising flag of approval following us, outlaying the vested appreciation and shining its faith on humanity . Allowing this prestige to Oversee such parameters, marks ones destiny and opens the pathway to your dreams.

Fulfillment strikes us and seeks its moment to flourish encouraging joy to spill into our lives, as Grace.  And will always find you, Constantly pouring its value upon you with the art of love, redefining your abilities and capturing your ideals.

Follow your heart,  run after your dreams, and never give up.

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