The hand of fate quenches his thirst tonight,

As I try to write like a blind person,

Hoping to achieve a rendered poetic vice to this life and greatness in solitude

Executing a depth in standard of faith so proliferating

that the doors of heaven open, and the wand of hope that waves in wonder

relies on those hefty credentials to cover me like a warm blanket seeking only the mercy

of the King that keeps me fighting and on my knees

You see, I’m Steering as a Captain of this ship, revving my engine,

Allowing pain to shed as rain falls from the sky to alleviate

A tumultuous forecast of baffling desires that dare not even seek breath,

Upon forgiveness of my own sins, I’ve sought the harbor of all Opportunity

And it’s divine sister embraces my future so intricately, I’m forced

to Tune my own strings as if I’m a violin ready for use

I’m captured by the wings of angels and sentiment carries me until the sun rises again

And I’m called to explore more of who I can be

Let me mirror all fineness someday