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Sanctity from Within

My dress insists I’m a woman of integrity

Every day I watch the sunset

I feel it’s stare down into my soul

Imparting with my desires

And channeling my dreams

Having my truest hopes set in

Relaxes the jazz within to

Perform and entrance a state

Of magic relaying my abilities

And sourcing my cares

Truly I am the one and only

Person that can make my life

So perfect

Deciding to rise with the sun

And laying my spirit with the end of the day

Becomes a ritual

So in tune with a never-ending habitual

Ceremony that accuses me

Of everlasting sanctity within

and I feel one with the sun


I love your ways

So tender and merciful

You ought to know

I’m much more than I can show

I’m lifted to new heights every time

You challenge me

And when I listen

I can hear angels in the air

Of inspiration

Slowly defeating my will

And daring me to be stronger

I will keep pushing

 and will never

give into failure

the sun rises in my eyes

and I can see my future

being true to me

resilient to feats that meet

me at my knees

and holding onto

the pressure that exhilarates me

and keeps me pressing on

I refuse to take part in giving up


In a minute your life can change

What would you like it to say about you

Have you gained the respect you are due

And have you accomplished your dreams

So many streams of light flow through

what meets with the eye of the matter

so many times you’ve suffered

And it’s true you’ve earned your keep

So stop weeping about your past

It does not define you

Let your life shine it’s beauty into the depths

Of high waters and let this ocean

Be true to who you are

 In it rests the wonder of your heart

Keep going and never give into your failure

Let it be fuel to your fire

And regard it as small compared to what marks

Your path.

Surely you have enough confidence to claim your ways today

As remarkable.


You float to me

And send me into a fashion

That becomes me

Truly I adore you

You bring me into hope

And never lose faith in me

You come and give me a glimpse of divinity

One that shows me the tips of affinity

Such a feat it is to shatter my independence

And cling to you

you touch me and teach me to achieve

happiness in the air with a whisper of genuine


it is in you where I find my freedom

to believe in myself and smother


thank you for inspiring me to look into

the sea of infinity

and choosing to be free to discover

the harmony that comes

as I worship you


You mark me with splendor

You give me a relationship

Between what can be and what is

You fold into my life angelic dreams

And a symphony of violins

Play into my ears

Tenderly making me

Seem lifted and comforted

With my eye so clear on your wings

I can be won within your spirit

You capture my heart

And sewn in me is the art

The cures my insatiable

Desires to be pure

Totally refined

I am

As defined

In what is said


It seems

That being holy


That I have a


That shows me

I am great

Today I might be

But tomorrow

I will be much farther

And will call it


The Power of Words…

you come from within

and shine a trillion

lights on me

I’m never in the shadow


The harmony

Is formed

In the spotlight

And I will inform you

That my next steps

Include endeavors met

In the sea

With divinity

follow me

and you will soon be

the magnet for electricity

My soul rings a treble in the water

Its youth is flattered

By the glorious waves of continuity

This everlasting fountain

Is to blame for my loss of  shame

I’m one with myself

And I reign forever as the water

So aqua and truly the queen of me

Is the perfection I wish to be.

My passions take me past my critical affairs

And lurks beneath my skin a pair of hands

Keeping my heart beating

This pressure that I bear is also in you

We receive and view passion differently

But we are all the same

Made of blood and bone

And my tone might come off

A little honed in on you to step up

And match me at my eyes

You cant stay down on your knees all day long


It’s time for you to start redirecting and reaching

And perfecting this art of your life

You manage to have a testimony

Can you also be damaged by a lonely?

Recover and feel projected of strength

Erect yourself and stand like you mean it

Today and say it is in your blood that you can meet with

Adversity in the eye and say

Watch this!

Because I have Christ.


You leave me begging

For endeavors met

In snow

So cold it is today

Waiting for you to come

How do I have fun without you

Tugging at me is what is new

Yearning to be someone so true

To who I am in my dreams

Smiling at myself

Comes the stream of hope

Never out of scope

But in the power of my will


Comes from the sun

With rays of days

Met as one

With the beginning of time

Come to me and inspire me

To sing again

Bring your warmth

And shower me with forgiveness

It is only you I want

Remember this testimony

Is regarded as the rays

From what tells me the truth

Without you I have no passion

So much courage it takes

To ration my time

In perspectives in sight

With what might make me

Into marvelous

Take me to your depth

And create in me

The wealth that I want.