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The clouds of wisdom and the winds of hope

 succeed within

Sending passions to stem

on the ends of my leaves

And songs to bare witness of the

 magnificence of thee

I breathe, day and night

 in the dew of my petals

Reaching for the sun

who knows of my desires

Only time will deliver unto me

The forecast of our creator

What once was a grain of seed

Now flourishes in dignity


You caress the depths of my soul

Searching for more and shows

Me that my time has come

To revel in my gifts

Theres a satisfaction so in tune

With friendship and magic

That I stand a new person

With inspiration

And deliver passion

Triumphantly in what I say

And what I do

My will is my strength

And my power in you is all

That I live with

Love, come sit with me and assist me with my future

so much beauty in your eyes

as you wink at me secretly exposing your thoughts

please testify my love is like a rainbow

endless and full of color


Lord, your wind is like magic

 always pushing me in different directions

Your oceans are like a potion for my misery

Your mountains are like masses of approval

 waving at my decisions

Your sun is like an eye of reason

bringing in the different seasons

From night and day

So much lay on my heart today

As I wash away my fears


So many perfumes I smell in the air

Each flower has it’s other pair

So many share their colors as if

Working without a care

What a beautiful array

That shows my true feelings

So much sentiment behind stems

That have petals

Always opening to offer their power

As they shower you with peace


A glimpse into my ideal world includes

a passion for life so often that I choose to hide

Move me to view my difference from others

as marksmanship To be youthful and Daring

And let me stare in the mirror today

And tell myself I’m beautiful.

My beauty

Is in how I endure what I endure

Possesses me not I it

Conforms to what pushes me

Is certain I’m on the hook

Is founded in greatness

Rests in the care of my will

Is my elegance

Is in my fountain of life spilling over into others lives

empowering my wellness

Resists all competition

and insists my balance is formed in what I kiss

Rides my love

Decides my eagerness to live

Cherishes your fountain

My soul sits

As a dialect of love

You’re overcome my failures

And I attest you exists

Your presence is regal

And I am in upheaval

Of your decent

Your directness

Overshadows me

And your performance

Is masterfully rattled

My soul rings a treble in the water

Its youth is flattered

By the glorious waves of continuity

This everlasting fountain

Is to blame for my loss of  shame

I’m one with myself

And I reign forever as the water

So aqua and truly the queen of me

Is the perfection I wish to be.


So many cures that we’re sure of

Always remarking on what we sew of

We offer life a flight of a tale

So many have sight of

In my view

I choose to keep right

About what tends to me

And what keeps me in the light of

The stream that is endless

And continues through the night of

Or in the day of

Never ceases but pleases

My journey

Allowing a tight

Scope of brilliance

To let hope know its

Found in what is white of

And so pure

Is the gate waiting for me

Showing me my beauty

Is but a delight of