Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

And how does this settle the raging waters inside?

Claiming to cleanse my slate, With the cool champagne of freedom’s toll?

Let the wonder of it all shield the brethren when I fall,

Please wake the honored Angels as guarded prisms calling,

to the Lighthouse of our soul,

Releasing the deeds that bring us to our knees for forgiveness,

Begging for the light to shine its rays on our hopes and dreams

Until we collide with the sky and finally find our Safe Haven in your arms

will we know the truth of  your mercy’s embrace,

Oh Wrap us with clarity,

Proving our Love resides not only in Virtue

But also,  flares with every candle that is lit in Truth,

Oh deliver us!

Such A quest of brilliant desires,

to achieve the greatest love of all!

Christ, pour your Charity in my heart today

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