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You say I write how I speak

And it’s clear I am meek

To deliver something of passion

That legally prosecutes

My fashion

Of this and that and slang

And rant

As I continue on this blog

Let me assure you

That I am wrong quite a bit

But my belief is bigger

Than any majesty

In the language I resume

And I stand

To tempt the best of my fingers

At typing and keeping in scope

My lingering testimony

Of how I came home

To writing with skills

That started

Long ago

Searing this language at it’s edges

Proclaims my ways and imagines

A sky full of harps and I say


Why do I shadow myself?

I stand tall and escapes me in all

Is my fashion for words

Telling and taling my way

Through the air that touches

And briskly dashes through

My sight

And I think I might see

Something of magic

Until I kneel

And I feel

The tease of what is wrapping around me

I let the butterfly from my hand soar

And watch as it’s wings devour

What I try to.

I’m not a writer

I’m the creative ink

I’m not a writer

I’m a tease to a pen

I’m not erasing

I’m not a writer

I look like I am

I’m not a writer

I’m just my own fan

I’m not a writer

I’m using my hand

I’m not a writer

I just like how I put words together

But I’m not a writer

I just want to illustrate

I’m not a writer

I just want to demonstrate

I’m not a writer

Let me say it again

MY best is never good enough

And I’m just writing

But I’m not a writer

Matchless Climax

I’m a word weaver so that I can see

How pleasing they can be

Touching the sea

Leaves a teasing taste in my mouth

Of what should be and would be

As I pray about my next steps

I find myself reaching for infinity

Hoping to bleed into eternity

And shake hands with divinity

Playing around with chastity

Serves me righteously

In my writing

I am one with this masterpiece

Hear my tone

As I am prone to cheer

Encouraging myself

To continue forces nature beyond

A satisfaction

And in a climax

I feel empowered to continue

And pursue my recollection of

The symphony that has won

My accommodations

Is a Writer a Mathematician?

It’s silly to think that I can make amends with words

When I use them so freely they never spell out right

Actually I give into their perception

They clean me and tear me to pieces all at the same time

It’s a good reaction to want to steer clear of me

When I hand in my essay

I’m so full of satisfaction I really feel boastful here

Let these words fondle within

And soon nothing will be hidden anymore

Let them fly as a kite

And see the depth of this sea

Truly the autumn is but disguise the spring

And vice versa all breeding into new life

The beginning must end

And the end must begin

So my words lay to paper

And I shout out to start my memoir

Every day I sit and write

Is another closer to perfection

In disguise I relate to what I type

It marks me and my ways

So to say

In disguise I’m a mathematician

Multiplying the depth of what can be and what is

I see these words

The they total much more than 180

You see here this can be a science or arithmetic

Or philosophy

These words are up to you to add up

However you like

In tough times we rely on what we cannot see

It pleases me to reach into the depths of divinity

When i’m granted strength to hold on

I lay on the rock that God gave me

And think that I will never stop letting him use me

For my indifference is my purpose

And my righteousness dives into a stream

Formed with happy

I am content and my willow floats merry

You cannot see all that I am

I mark my path with what has found me

 to my knees Before

This is grandiour

And I will not regret

 but sweat

and extend of my skills

That have shattered me

I am in pieces hoping to achieve

An endless bouquet of words that

Can not only bring me empathy but also respect


My perception is so clear

As I make a mere statement

Claiming my abilities

Take me to my limits

Matching words is within

My parameters

And my reality brinks the dawn

Of a moonlight

Bringing in the beginning to the end

With it sends my passions

To be free

And held to be

An example for your poetry

Use this and complete your


With this pleasure of words

You will find it binds you to

See more glory

And let your escape bring you

To fall to your knees

And worship the attire

That suits you

In your empire of

Rhyming your way

Through life.

Inspirational Letters,

You tell me to clear my mind

In you I find what I hide

Is also what I scribe

These days

Words follow me you see

To the end of the sea and

Give me relief when I’m in need

Poetry is my one escape

An endeavor met never alone

The angels sing to me


Giving way to my next thought that I jot down

Creatively speaking to sorts of whimsical

Flutes and satirical empires

Join me and together we can be

Making a difference with the letters we choose

I have a rif and rat

And a tit for tat

About things

So many to offer this world

A zip and zat

And a kit kat

Make my rounds happier

I really think

That because of me

You can think further

And indulge in a dot and dat

Because if you have the knack

You can find a way

To chat about what you have to say

Inspirations float in this sea

Offering me monogamy

You see my words never cheat on me

And they really touch sorts of forward desires

And I am fleeing this scene

It’s your turn

Blessed with scripture,

So many pictures come to mind

When you sew in the divine

To me it’s plenty full of reason

Saying I’m full of many virtues

Such a hue of purple lay

When I say

That royalty falls onto you

As you kiss the words of pleasure

That meet you in the sea of infinity

May you always remember to give thanks

For your gift

This shadows what lifts you

Without words you too would feel blue

Bowing to those who can speak

Feeling unabashed today resuming

The courage it takes to plaster letters to paper

You’re winded as a flute plays

Continue and pay respect to our ancestors

Who gave you such a language to use

Without care

We would not share such a robust suit

Of armor compared to others

Take pride in what you offer

And forgive those who do not surrender

To their present of the mouth