Poetry Today, Songs Tomorrow

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A distant welcome murmurs inside when I close my eyes
enclosed are years of memories met with the edge of imagination
tightly binding uniting the source that exists to wash my fears away
as I climb the celestial ladder taking me to the doorsteps of heaven
I am engulfed in pure happiness and I don’t remember how I got here
But my faith has been working because I now see each angel before me
Guiding my every step every thought touching my feet to lift freely
I rise to float as the flowers cascade down the golden arms that lead
Into forever and my ecstasy is pursued with every wave of purity
that blankets my failures and I surrender to the undying love that tells me
someday I will see these engraved walls of gold showing me my memoir
and I wonder inside if this moment could bloom any more beautiful
tears fall as im guided to read everlasting peace was achieved I see
loved ones flow into this room and the light is so bright I can see through
to their hearts, I am flooded with pictures of others whom I touched
years of pain that has been erased, and all the words start to dance
in harmony that awaken the depth of my very soul to open more
enchanted at the roots of every gift I may have and potent love
seeps into every last inch of my being awakening passion,watching
this language display in ways I’ve never seen and I feel like my life
could not possibly bring me anything more creative then what I see.

A simple nod would be fine understanding the glory that pours I have only a few reasons to write
None of which enlist my own visions wondering when I will feel free to read the meter of inspiration
From my own will, perhaps a matchless account of survival is all it takes to move toward the sun
Hanging on the tree of life offering meals of delight to fulfill what prompts me to spill out
Maybe its just a challenge that floats my way in the sea of opportunity otherwise
Its plain desire to reach higher than the day can offer I think if I play enough with words
They will find their own spot inside my mind and the rhythm is rooted in my heart like a song
You may think its natural to write but that’s not the case someday I will find the electricity
To this outlet and will run wild soaking in the waves of the current that flows through me
Passion dictates arrangement of words low high outside inside wrapped driven and provide
An easy way to climb up the ladder into the sky, what meets the eye is full of arousal
And sensations that play into the pool of splendor a love affair that caresses my soul
Singing on a rainy day, smiling through the pain, modeling forgiveness, reaching for the stars
Its all in your very own hands unite with divinity and tell the page how you feel
Write it all down and engage in moments of realization that you can provide for decades of readers
Falling from the sky of inspiration are many tools let them guide you and understand your power
to change someone’s life for good offering a blanket a tissue or an umbrella all of them are for you
come and sip your tea with me and relax as we go on a journey down the road that leads us to
unlimited wealth of the world

A manque projected into the air covering all forms of logic
involving a beat that surrenders to the rhythm that meet inside
each very living thing that unfolds onto a page’ burning
in frustration at the way they romp around beyond
imagination guessing of a path that is formed unknown
to the perception kissing the very taste that sweetens
the maraschino giving into the maraud of anger resolving
only the skin that houses this passion performing before me,
even screaming aloud confessing the aphrodite exists
in the penmanship alone admitting within all faults that
carry severe bouts of apprehended exhaustion by committing
sacrifices etching into the scroll of life one simple piece
at a time fulfilling the mysteries untold… shouting back at this sea
that brews intently throwing at me a world torn in failure,
inhaling inborn purity that desires to roam free,
covers every inch of me disclosing a poets true endeavors
are met with a force that engages the marvel to overtake
standing on the mountain of genuine trust and escaping
into this dream of enchanted moments alleviates my battle to continue;
at hand, in mercy of thyself,
yearning every minute to touch a part of the solid foundation
that institutes all glory, inducing a bond that has gone
into the wild reaching through the forests of combat
through ’til the blue heavens sigh

My skills burrow in my soul
Nestled with laughter and sewn into the world of deeds
My destiny pursues its own tools
Some say the best is saved for last
Im here to remark at a glance on my fountain
That endures and sacrifices its best each day
And I cannot rest until the mount of deliverance appears to me
and reaches into the depth of the ocean so blue with the truth of perception
Someday I will write like the fate says to the worksmith
There is never too much sanding or too much perfection
The craft is but an arch of placid dreams and hopes
What is left untouched can be seen tomorrow
Brilliantly holding to the clouds In the sky
And a rainbow of insight settles in my eye
as I decide to possess what lifts me to write again

My Goal is to get you
to like poetry,
hyperbole, and semantics
genuinely completing a story of
insatiable words
and categorically emphasized
prisms of divinity
suffocating in the awareness of
value and interaction
that offers the life as freely
as enchantment is delivered
upon a regal attribute
is as it suffered in itself kept within me
This is why I speak
as a union meets is frontier
so does the delivery of my mere
fornication with words I adore.

Piecing Together Words

A whole bunch of something

Falling together

From pieces form a new

Kind of achievement

Sorting and pouring out my soul

With letters that seem to mold

A specific type of language

Offering insight and beguilding

A generation

Of flattery

That entails commitment

And a union

From afar to being so close

I feel it’s breathe on my shoulder

Of passion that is seen

As redemption

Words and stanzas

Such tender mercies delivered in a font

Oh how big , or how small

Shall I trail a page

With words of wonder

And convictions

Heavy and light

Am I right to continue

Transferring wind so in tune

With rememberance of


Oh how different I can sound

Within a bashful wand

And a contemptuous fawn

My nerves clear the way

For past endeavors left

 and may I say,

 that convenience of nouns play

A point of redemption

And purpose holding

And molding me beneath

The strands of a song

You tell me to escape

And inform me it’s ok

To bare it all

And confess

Detecting the next class

Of intuition is proper

Hanging on my words

And completing my next sentence

Dares to take me

And declares to make me

Into prospering

A language within

And tempts the brilliance

Of years

Sauntering through the wind

Dances my feet and hands

To a beat only I can hear.

In every way

 my words meet the page


 you come and spill into me like a science

Introducing escapes meant in divinity

Trails my youth and heart to prove

I am someone that can take to heart

Words so dear as I cheer through my waste

And include a good taste of mercy

And achievement at the same time

Introducing clarity and shadowing

My past


Completing me to my truth

And existing in a new


That excuses my failures

And accuses me of more

My verbs and nouns are

My bread and butter

What tops most

Is how I boast

About what I do

I’m living and breathing

In streams of forgiveness

Never leaving out the freshness

Of development and esteem

Reaching for a new platform

Beyond what I have draped in the past

for reasons that touch my horizons

and glimpse my dreams

and leaves me on my tippy toes

waiting for a new introduction