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Lead me to the currency of your love

With your surrendering soul

Push my limits of passion over the top

Drip your wine of excellence on my lips

And remain virtuously keen to appease me,

Release your sins with my kiss,

Let me cure your harbored devotions

And make pure your love,

So that when you dance I will dance too.

Reverence brings me to my knees amour
Veneration pours out of me as I gaze into your eyes
Desire punishes me as I watch you cling to ways
That bore a hole in my soul for your fruitful passions to rest
Inexorable trust grants this kiss guiding my lips into a glimpse
of heaven as they gently frolic their way down your chest
enlightened with the taste of pleasure will mend every deserts restraint
your fountain bears the color of the sky that seems untouchable
so out of reach also is your love that commands the stars to shine in the night
alone they lie bewildered and I sigh in pain that you brought me
as I shout in credence I gain only to satisfy my undying devotion to your beauty
come my love bring me to your dynasty embrace my soul as I wait
for the withered leaves to fall renew me for years to come
I yearn for your warmth the season is chill while the sun stays hot
So is my heart unchanging with heat
A tempered beat rises from the sea
Calling me for unity a true remedy seems
to crash with the waves rolling into infinity
your beauty surpasses this
engaging my earnest greed for you
through the breeze that wishes you to me
my nails grip onto your purity
extending its power through me
lift me to the light that you live in
stroke my vision of you and me
perform invisibly into my soul
match my fashion and I will take you to your dreams
trance my perception cure me of my duty
escape to my arms unyielding love awaits
open the door full of plenty a wonder for sore eyes
wash my fears with the way you stare into mine
kindle my purpose to live… and I shall exist
for you only

When he pressed his lips to hers

An ease fell upon her as if her needs

And truest desires had been met

His hand cascaded down her arm

She noticed he had been teasing

 with her strap

To her satin dress

Her dress fell to her feet

Although she lay bare

He wrapped her within his tender words

The love that spilled from his mouth

Met her as his lips touched her breast

His flame was kindled and she never felt more

Enraptured by his delight

 she claims, “This must be like heaven”

The presence of your mouth succeeds brilliantly

Offering a hope to my life dancing in memories

Upon your lips  and so suffers your manhood

Completing such testimonies

refines what it means

To bind lovers in completing

And reuvinating spirits down low

A heaven that touches the other

Is much more than just pleasure

It’s development has sacrificed

Ways for the others

Until the rapture exists

That fills you with bliss

And you uncover what was once

Discovered as marvelous

Now meets sorts as suiting

Grandior and prevails your tongues

Mastering the  seas of divinity in ectasy

Matchless Climax

I’m a word weaver so that I can see

How pleasing they can be

Touching the sea

Leaves a teasing taste in my mouth

Of what should be and would be

As I pray about my next steps

I find myself reaching for infinity

Hoping to bleed into eternity

And shake hands with divinity

Playing around with chastity

Serves me righteously

In my writing

I am one with this masterpiece

Hear my tone

As I am prone to cheer

Encouraging myself

To continue forces nature beyond

A satisfaction

And in a climax

I feel empowered to continue

And pursue my recollection of

The symphony that has won

My accommodations

My pleasure is what I offer

Streams and seas of music

In such harmony

My taste for vibrato and crescendo vary

They say to me let’s be free to climax

And I have sorts of endeavors

Met at the shore of infinity

Truly I take in this song

With a much longer breathe

I wait for the climax

And it makes me free

To be all I  can be

I live in this as time says

It tells tales

So sails my rituals

Of divine

And I commit to finding

 my very own

State of pinnacle

With this inspiration

Love, Take me to the depths of your love

Teach me to see the beginning of divinity

Consume me with your passion

And escort me into ecstasy

Love, your passion for me pushes me to exceed in flattery

Your commitment to me extends to my feet

Always honoring me and my ways

I come to you and I meet you on your knees

Please take me to bed and let’s commit a sin

The essence of a flower

 expands the truth

that what is hidden

 also flows through

the forbidden stem

what grows is also new

and glorious

teaching us that

it’s power

is ridden

in it’s shower

of petals

I acquire thee

What a regal opportunity we have,

Able to shadow people

I’m seeing this world in a much different light these days

You all offer me less truth than I’d like

I’m due to take part in teaching you that conformity is but a uniform way

That pushes me to dare to be different

So much so that I’ll leave you with a hint of jalepeno.