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The winds are perfect for the fair

this is the day of what is rare

and many say there is a song that plays

into this love story

but let me start…

By chance,

Was it a glance? Or was it admiration?

His stoic presence prosecuted her in an instant,

“Is this the one?’ she questioned herself,

She couldn’t’ hold back as she walked over the flower bed

To find her place next to him

His eyes followed her

As she made her way to the bench to sit next to him

She gazed into his deep blue eyes

And for a minute all the pressures of the world diminished

And all her fears had left

He politely asked her name

She replied, “Samantha”

He replied with a smile

He then placed his hand on her upper arm

And approached her mouth with his

His soft tongue meets hers to tease and please as they kiss

with all the sensations of the earth

reaching a peek of  exhileration.

His warm hands caress her arms,

They slowly fall to her hands, touching her

with all of his years as old as him of

built up captivation

the passion surrounds

and the flower beds around

are suited by their stare

of the lovebirds