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The soaking tips of the plush, enchanting petals
Reform my soul as I wonder how these
Drips of monogamy cascade down the stems
Such memories such beginnings relax
My state
So innocent, so chaste
The wind touches the depth of its color
As if sewn into the air with thoughts of brilliance
Declares allegiance to thee eye
Sacrificing my worst, propels my best
To encompass and dissert into this magic
That conquers my most cherished yearnings to be delivered
This passion consults my honor and my wand
Of divinity proceeding to enlist such a perfect
Blend of perception that nurtures me
Can this be? Living Religiously?


So many perfumes I smell in the air

Each flower has it’s other pair

So many share their colors as if

Working without a care

What a beautiful array

That shows my true feelings

So much sentiment behind stems

That have petals

Always opening to offer their power

As they shower you with peace

The essence of a flower

 expands the truth

that what is hidden

 also flows through

the forbidden stem

what grows is also new

and glorious

teaching us that

it’s power

is ridden

in it’s shower

of petals

I acquire thee

 my satisfaction is roused with your touch,

as you wake the water around me,

 I float with the blood of Christ

Rain drips to my leaves

I stay blossoming

Leaving a fresh aroma in the air

Your beauty surrounds me

As I see my reflection

I stay in tact as the weather tries to mock me

I refuse to come apart.

The edges teach me of my fragile nature,

I rise in deformity

So also lays my reason

For my stature

I rest in unity

So dwells in me my seasons

as a perennial flower


I see your rose has not awakened

Dare it be small and shaken

Does it create as it sews beauty?

It seems to deceive thine eye

Disclosed its  source so hidden

Yet magically enters its seeds from heaven

So demonstratively is to extract passion

And exists the reason for its position

As in the waiting is the suffering that’s due

To caress the tips of what will be new

Forever reveling in the bloom.

 Your rose is so wise

She plays into my eyes

As a founder of perfection

So splendid is my reaction

To touch it and it bursts into color

It lay in my hands in tender

Mercies hoping I see its beauty

So sings my kin which was once mute.