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A prayer about honor

Lord your presence offers a recluse

That entails and escapes dignity

Leaving to introduce

A  perception that is truer

To  thyne eye of reason

Than ever laid

Might I appease the son

With my difference?
and might I  win my next challenge

Take me to new measures

And pleasure my honor

With your will

Have mercy

I touch the tips of heaven

With flowers and ponies

And such thoughts

 that stare at me and say

I have chosen

The path less taken

Emptying my blanket

To the ground

And begging God

For mercy

Time plays into my harp

And tells me to keep sharp

So that one day

When I’m the one standing

I will have on my heart

The one that declares me steady

So many pleasures of the day

How do you plan this next may?

With showers of delight

And flowers to the light

To show off the beauty

Of the planet

Pollen in the air

Leaves in the breeze

And trees that we breathe!

How fantastical your empire

Could be if you sat with me

And showed your trust to the ocean

And let it take you

To places reminiscing your past

And focusing on the angels

Discussing such fortune

As we drift at sea

In heavenly pursuits

Temptations leave me

Floating in the breeze

With desires and hopes

That I only dream

The magic lay

In what I can say

As a delivered woman

I know as I keep my chin up

The mountains and lakes

Will fold into a manuscript and takes

Me beyond words

Performing in bliss

With this

And this

With words that kiss

The tips

Of heaven

In prayer

Brilliance resounds in action

Creating means falling into inspiration

And becoming one with fascination

Of beyond

Divinity plays an important role

In creation

So let your thoughts run free

And bow as a majesty

You are the king or queen of yourself

Of the way you choose to talk,

To behave, to dream, and to achieve

Soon you will see this castle was created

For you

And lives in unlimited proportions

To mending your day

Excellence comes with admitting

The Lord is in control

Committing to your desires forces you to push higher

By demanding the best of yourself

God commands you to feel free

Choose your ways as the color lay in the sky

Full of renown sacrifice from God

Promising us a rainbow

Let this next display

Say to you and your capabilities

That you can prepare

And turn your fears into heroic tales

For your next generation


I’m delivered and free to be myself

With you and you

Holding to what blooms

In the field of magic

I can take these next years

To move others in the right direction

To prosper their souls and give power

To their regency

And I will for their sake

Tell them to love thy Lord

Who saved them from scorn

And manipulation

So much dedication it takes

To make a new daring, place for myself

Next to the hand that made me

As a true Christian evangelizing

My way into headlines

And discovering all that I can be

As remarkably different than others

Lord convince me to pursue my dreams

Carry me to my destiny

Teach me about courage

And fill me with hope


The proportions of magic set in

 When I raise my hands to the Lord

I pray like this so he sees

My feelings through a picture

Of raising my spirit to meet

With the seas of divinity

I project and relate myself

To the team of angels

 That play the spiritual accordions into

A realm of dominion and

My satisfaction stays in harmony

With who a can be

When I worship