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Push the limits of your excellence,

by pushing your kindnesses onto others,

lift the veil to your best courtesy,

by lifting your hands to Christ in praise

This summer lays in hands that guides us and leads us to enchant our destiny
in the braces of the fence that we stand at peering into our dream world
envisioning the fresh, clean air that we inhale as every anxiety is exhaled,
diseases that are cured upon a touch or a glance with the right mind,
buildings that embrace the clouds and stars that resemble ample time
to achieve a placid field day free , relieving all our doubts, and gaining
every inch of inspiration of wonders that marvel inside beseeching
the one that created us honoring the day and hour that he stares back
at us in the mirror of reality and shows the smallest seeds of glory,
removing our sins as if cloaked in white robes investing in decrees
that resemble a world of love and commitments that drive us
to empower individuals rather than take from, these things are devoured
by the sun and kept inside its rays that shine into our lives everyday
giving the slightest light to a darkness of the world that drains us
emotionally waiting for its grips on our hearts to comfort as a blanket
of forgiveness, recharging a soul is our duty
and never forget about this that lives in the sunrays
that gently caress our days

The sun is measured in parables that escape time
with each waking breath comforting the next
shouting inside for eternity that rides on the waves
of the colorful rays into a century that commemorates
its seasons with a new glimpse of honor as the sun sets.
Searching in a moments touch for the best way to dedicate
an eye that plays into the wealth of beauty and creates opportunity
to form a bond inasmuchas a heavenly pond of unity conforming
thus mounting itself with brilliance that sings into years and marvels
at the throne that leads us to our creator enriches the bashful to an entirely
new way of love searching through the bodily form for a soul that harnesses
the power to encourage a matchless court of kings and queens that listen
to one voice only as their chests beat with pounding desire to greet the faithful
convincing us to bow on call and meet with our sanctity.

I praise thee
such wonder, such care, my thoughts deplete me of despair
you take me to your bosom and relax my state to meditate on thee
approaching the date of grand escapes into a realm of divinity
lays the rock of faith that lay the land of plenty and abundance
whisper in the breeze the harmony that takes me
to places in the sea and your beauty surpasses the mountains and lakes
tell me that this passion plays an important role in my future
hold me and kiss me with bliss so that I may see
how perfect thou art risen in the sky
your son reflects such monumental feelings
how true, how marvelous, my heart is to collect thy treasures of
youth and my pleasures resourcefully praise you

Lord, Your sunrise lays an allegiance in the skies
One saying that as I stand to be wise
You also buy my heart and I decide
To not hide but embark on what is foretold
As I implode with your eyes on me
I lay as colors retracted by the son
These colors enrich me and I have won
My desires back to give credit where credit is due
And in this I will bloom
With all of the ways of a rainbow
For all my days as I love you

The winds move freely
The whispers of angels are singing
Time moves us to thoughts of winning
In a world so full of posture
A glimmering decimal of hope lay stray
Upon the hand that may
Tug at you for this and that
How is it you have such
Presence with the months
That stare down into your soul
As you achieve all that you believe
With the touch of glitter
Of the fairies that are dancing
Around your very own fire
Let your desires shine into the light
And never forget that your sight
Is such from the highest almighty

The Gift of Jesus

The warm sigh of mother Mary

Carrying her newborn

This splendid day of delivery

enchants us all

Christmas is not only a day

Of giving

It hosts undying love for our father

Who adores us all

Rejoicing in hallelujahs

Is what meets the brilliant morn

It seems beauty not only rests in

The white snow, but the bows and presents

That offer sentiment behind

commemorating our majesty

with love for all

I become one with the holy

And sin has departed

Closing the gates to a mansion

That delivered me in passion

To resist your contempt

And prospers my soul

Giving way to a quilt that is told

To master deliverance

And fold into a practice

That receives and conceives of

The proper hand from above

In Compassion

Magic Only From Above

Contemplation falls suit

As I commute words to a page

That say one thing

And approve of my ring

of faith

nestled in my heart

and showing an art

to a place that registers

and measures me

in ways that say

I’ve been benefitted

From above

And nothing I do

Is of me

But you can see

The magic

In committing

To the one

That blew the horns

And opened the doors

To sanctity

I imagine something that takes me

Down a road and this place

Exits to offer a bow of renewal

Tempting fate and making my way

To the moon of a fraction of what may

Touch this ribbon

Showing excellence and giving a new name

To passion, offering ones hand

To the Lord seems to play

A big part in healing the day

And mending sorts in the sand on the beach

Showing how my eyes can meet

With my truest desires

As I commit to winning the hand

Of my Lord.