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Brilliance resounds in action

Creating means falling into inspiration

And becoming one with fascination

Of beyond

Divinity plays an important role

In creation

So let your thoughts run free

And bow as a majesty

You are the king or queen of yourself

Of the way you choose to talk,

To behave, to dream, and to achieve

Soon you will see this castle was created

For you

And lives in unlimited proportions

To mending your day

Excellence comes with admitting

The Lord is in control

Committing to your desires forces you to push higher

By demanding the best of yourself

God commands you to feel free

Choose your ways as the color lay in the sky

Full of renown sacrifice from God

Promising us a rainbow

Let this next display

Say to you and your capabilities

That you can prepare

And turn your fears into heroic tales

For your next generation


Lives in between the ocean and the sky

Moves mountains and is told that passion plays an important role

Today I see

My fame and fortune include more diameters and impressions

Than yesterday

It is in this where I find paradise meets me

At my best and reaches passed my worst

Without fear, channeling only what I hear

Of importance,

 from it escapes the

 matchless pursuit for magic

And restless is its streams offering forgiveness

A new dream emphatically riddling

It seems through the light that washes me

Of day and births me of night

To find the one true calling

As a new found balance

Conforming myself to

The pleasure of words today.

It takes notes to a new place

It harmonizes and makes no waste

Time is in tables

And always in fables in much

To a disguise

Seems wise

Plenty is left at the end

And quantity creates what is to open

The new day

Today I am ready

To fall to my knees and play

With what exceeds of me

Always excelling and impels me

To continue

This Is my mark

And as I continue to play the harp

Let me be bountiful

So that I may regard my pleasure

As the present of fulfillment.

The candle is lit

For your desire

She pushes and exceeds

In delight

Let it carry you

To the end

And back to the beginning

Of your journey

Let it take you

To new depths

So extreme

It causes your

Hope to succeed

In diligence and manner

Hold onto it

As  a banner

Reminding you

Of what you

Are due

It’s your time to shine

Don’t ever give

Into what fails you

Hold your honor

As if the last time

You speak

And let your mouth

Wake in the moment

Of inspiration

Let it take you

To infinity

And let it create

Your love

In divinity.

Truly now

You are

 A hero

Of yourself.

My dimensions of my psychy

Offer a feeling of being

Tied down

With The provisions

And ascensions

Not yet used

How clever Of a way

To say I feel abused

I could be


Recharged if I could

Focus on what

Should open

The doors to my

Insight lures me closer


In the best of me

guessing me through prosperity

so many answers I’m looking for

when will they meet me at the shore?

I must just wait at that gate

So that I don’t tempt time

But let fate choose me in mine.

I plan to be
The best attempt of me
So raises the question
Of what builds me
I see how you use it
It creates wit
It lasts through all storms
It ascends and descends
It never loses care
It holds to stone
Like it can be born
To last forever
And so it is rigid
Because of your form to me,
Perfection it be in prosperity.

Lord, How vicariously
you live through me
I’m calling you to me
so help me prosper
You lay this book
of joy in my hands
And I attest
it is not to counter my acts
But to lift
what I have done already
This is you and me
together forever.
In a wonder so fruitful
it is its own disguise.

My dream is in my reflection
Of a person so satisfied
Yet the pages are unturned and my perception is born
How I remember to pacify
This love that is at both ends of the spectrum
What is this force that commits
Itself in passion
As both good and evil
I admit im trying to count the days
Until we meet she and I in a pleasure
T o attest that my will is both in fury and ration.
I confess im in purity.

What meets the road
I defend what seems at rest
And I redeem as I ace the test
Totally in route as I gain
The proprietorship to an entity
So insane
Offering a truth diminishing the others
That I am unsatisfactory in the shoes
Truly my power shows
That as you lose your contempt
I will prosper and confuse you.