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My dimensions of my psychy

Offer a feeling of being

Tied down

With The provisions

And ascensions

Not yet used

How clever Of a way

To say I feel abused

I could be


Recharged if I could

Focus on what

Should open

The doors to my

Insight lures me closer


In the best of me

guessing me through prosperity

so many answers I’m looking for

when will they meet me at the shore?

I must just wait at that gate

So that I don’t tempt time

But let fate choose me in mine.

You abound in brilliant color

Accustomed to recreation is how the scout found it

In dancing along the path, his eyes met with the gap

In between the edge of the breeze and what seems a sappy love story

Of thy eyes commitment to sight. So true, you flare in residue of youth,

With an arch so superfluous as if created the clouds of reason and You touch

September with passion as mounted in delight

Wrapped in deliverance and sustained in might

Of God so willing to uphold what is told

That we shall not be weary but forever casts our mold

So heavy in days of weather, incandescence of trees

And yonder there lay several paces as we foretell our plea

Is not in what we care for, but is in our hope.

My tree

My tree has the base as a heart

It is made of leaves of gems

And glistens in the light

Its art is not in how it sits so poised

Rather in how it lives to listen to the surrounding noise

And in it, it produces leaves

Of gems that relieve its pain

Its’ told, yesterday will not gain,

But today I say

 forever will I be brilliant.

My future is in what I create so

It is at the brim of delight

Hoping to spill over as its friend is the fountain.

Lays its leaves clenching the aqua’s thirst.

It is seen that water is beautiful

May my gems offer you

More trickery of the eye

You see, how you view my gems

Offers a new story for each person

So tell the world of my wealth

And soon you too will be telling the truth.


Some say its cold

Some say its warm

I say let it be

That way I can warn others

So much we battle

With time and with want

Our desires exceed

A new font

And too many people

Stay awake at night wondering

How many fish

They might catch

Let us just be

Empty with a sash

That names us

As plenty

 Your rose is so wise

She plays into my eyes

As a founder of perfection

So splendid is my reaction

To touch it and it bursts into color

It lay in my hands in tender

Mercies hoping I see its beauty

So sings my kin which was once mute.

Stopping time won’t tell you
How you are or how you’re found
It only says what abounds
And the difference between
What meets the concrete
Or the sea
Is only in your moment
To prove your religion
Is the truth you hold to
And what keeps you going.

Under your drift seeming to take me
Using me incessantly to wake me

More latent than beaming in the wise
Much streaming in a disguise

Touch me and see me yearning to reach
Tease the romancing in my teaching

Loose is my dreaming of your sea
Luring and exalting me to be

Kept deeming in the practice
Crafts me instilling purpose

Still reading the signs of your bread
Seasons obligating me to send and

Work me Learning to be bred
Ways so mature and instead
Of breaking me, you make me
into Sparkling.