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I’m witnessing a testimony

Of words to paper rolling off my tongue

Surely I’m appropriate and one

With the shepherd

Who bore me

Its true I came from him

Does that sound funny to you?

I’m tired of what you think of me

So I’ll just talk about fountains…

I sip the joy

From your fountain

As it pours me a cup

Of relaxation and ecstasy

And tempts me to stay

Even longer

I have to leave

Because my very own fountain is overflowing

Come witness mine

Don’t hide behind the flowers

Because that’s where my fountain

Meets with reason

And helps them grow

To be in their seasons

Of righteousness

You may stay a while

I think my fountain tastes

Like juices from heaven

What do you think yours taste like?

I wonder when I say
I want my ray
To shine on others
Like our brother
How do I measure myself
As I am weathered?
How do I compare to my savior?
So I dwell in thought
I’m searching for more
I’m searching for more than what I can see
There is nobody like me
Nobody. So who do I look to
To emulate and who do I relate to?
When I think im beautiful but there’s nobody I admire
Like me. Nobody. So what can I do
I don’t see beauty like others do
I don’t see ugly like others do either.
How do I measure comparing myself to Jesus?
How do I measure myself
There is not one women I admire like me
There is not one man I admire like me.
So I say with my ray to others of their beauty
Just hoping to reflect some off them to me
Thinking that I might make a world before me of beauty
So desirous as me.

The blue ribbon
I dance to win
A wealth
So true
Is my kin
Sitting in residue
Of a youth
No longer trying to blend in
Rather becoming the great from within.

Shoe lacesLaying low to reason with seasons
Of shoes so loose lays the laces
Tempting ears to rise
In a disguise after I realize
What I just sewed of my shoe
Are the two bunny ears and new
Are my laces of blue
Tying on top of and under
Dances my fingers as they linger
Waiting for my thoughts to reach me
As I teach me to exercise
The dance and the knot of the bunny
So sunny today in my light
Im happy they’re tight
And as I run I will have fun
Jumping as my mind uses
My binding of a story
Of a kind
That helps me learn
That I can earn
The respect of myself
As I reach the shelf
Of my glory
And become a winner.

So wide seems my sided view
Of horses and ponies, “oh what a course,”
Of riding this is, soon to be hiding me
Behind one, yet none are alive
So they cant say Hi to me
Although I feel their stares daring me to kiss them
On their mouths so fresh is what im about to do
Smiling my way into the news