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The Struggles spilling into your life have not pressed on your wounds

Rather, They have courted you into the truth of your Success

Bending all the rules to meet with Time, and yearn for more

So that the spread of your Willpower fertilizes the years to come,

and does Not hide when called upon

Open the blinds to view your Inspiration, let the light in to redefine your brilliance

And Let the only thing that sit muted in your life

Be your Fear

A manque projected into the air covering all forms of logic
involving a beat that surrenders to the rhythm that meet inside
each very living thing that unfolds onto a page’ burning
in frustration at the way they romp around beyond
imagination guessing of a path that is formed unknown
to the perception kissing the very taste that sweetens
the maraschino giving into the maraud of anger resolving
only the skin that houses this passion performing before me,
even screaming aloud confessing the aphrodite exists
in the penmanship alone admitting within all faults that
carry severe bouts of apprehended exhaustion by committing
sacrifices etching into the scroll of life one simple piece
at a time fulfilling the mysteries untold… shouting back at this sea
that brews intently throwing at me a world torn in failure,
inhaling inborn purity that desires to roam free,
covers every inch of me disclosing a poets true endeavors
are met with a force that engages the marvel to overtake
standing on the mountain of genuine trust and escaping
into this dream of enchanted moments alleviates my battle to continue;
at hand, in mercy of thyself,
yearning every minute to touch a part of the solid foundation
that institutes all glory, inducing a bond that has gone
into the wild reaching through the forests of combat
through ’til the blue heavens sigh

Brilliance resounds in action

Creating means falling into inspiration

And becoming one with fascination

Of beyond

Divinity plays an important role

In creation

So let your thoughts run free

And bow as a majesty

You are the king or queen of yourself

Of the way you choose to talk,

To behave, to dream, and to achieve

Soon you will see this castle was created

For you

And lives in unlimited proportions

To mending your day

Excellence comes with admitting

The Lord is in control

Committing to your desires forces you to push higher

By demanding the best of yourself

God commands you to feel free

Choose your ways as the color lay in the sky

Full of renown sacrifice from God

Promising us a rainbow

Let this next display

Say to you and your capabilities

That you can prepare

And turn your fears into heroic tales

For your next generation

The Power of Words…

you come from within

and shine a trillion

lights on me

I’m never in the shadow


The harmony

Is formed

In the spotlight

And I will inform you

That my next steps

Include endeavors met

In the sea

With divinity

follow me

and you will soon be

the magnet for electricity


The magic is in

The kin of delivery

Washing away the sin

What was once knit

So tight

Is now loose to flight

In the breeze

So often

Please remember

There’s never too much

When a bunch of flowers

Offer their heads to a bed

Laying at ease

Is it’s tease of approval

With it’s power

It’s touch

Is such that brings


The taste of sweet

So much static

Charging itself

Full of energy

Never leaving

But breathing into

 a ceremony

Of it’s stature

So in harmony

Is the wonderful

In me.

I touch on the high notes

With pleasure

It comes easy

Always pleasing myself with my tone

So it sounds

That’s rarely the case

I’d much rather have others take my place

And sing for me

But I’m told I’m meant to be bold

Always being different

So much sentiment today

As I reach and grasp what i’m prone

To succeed with

My harvest has come

And I hear the trumpets

Announcing I am to perform

Truly to my hearts adornment

So much pleasure in my voice…

You touch me like i’m flower

You move me with your patience and courage

And so my potion for you is in my kiss

Please exhort your lips

And lay your hand on my bosom

I am yours and my passion

Exists in this.

Together mastering an art forever
Sharing your youth for pairing what’s due
Forgiving and never regretting your past
Holding the cast molding to richness
Touching divinity by munching on seeds of delivery
Puts a new tone to my bones
Relying and implying that my loss
Is your gain never to rain
and letting go of what betting will never bring
your fountain is stronger than the mountain
help me move your well?


I’m witnessing a testimony

Of words to paper rolling off my tongue

Surely I’m appropriate and one

With the shepherd

Who bore me

Its true I came from him

Does that sound funny to you?

I’m tired of what you think of me

So I’ll just talk about fountains…

I sip the joy

From your fountain

As it pours me a cup

Of relaxation and ecstasy

And tempts me to stay

Even longer

I have to leave

Because my very own fountain is overflowing

Come witness mine

Don’t hide behind the flowers

Because that’s where my fountain

Meets with reason

And helps them grow

To be in their seasons

Of righteousness

You may stay a while

I think my fountain tastes

Like juices from heaven

What do you think yours taste like?

I wonder when I say
I want my ray
To shine on others
Like our brother
How do I measure myself
As I am weathered?
How do I compare to my savior?
So I dwell in thought
I’m searching for more
I’m searching for more than what I can see
There is nobody like me
Nobody. So who do I look to
To emulate and who do I relate to?
When I think im beautiful but there’s nobody I admire
Like me. Nobody. So what can I do
I don’t see beauty like others do
I don’t see ugly like others do either.
How do I measure comparing myself to Jesus?
How do I measure myself
There is not one women I admire like me
There is not one man I admire like me.
So I say with my ray to others of their beauty
Just hoping to reflect some off them to me
Thinking that I might make a world before me of beauty
So desirous as me.