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Lead me to the currency of your love

With your surrendering soul

Push my limits of passion over the top

Drip your wine of excellence on my lips

And remain virtuously keen to appease me,

Release your sins with my kiss,

Let me cure your harbored devotions

And make pure your love,

So that when you dance I will dance too.


In hopelessness Is the power to reform

My thoughts

Creating what I want to think

Is the best way to live

Determining what possesses me

Cures me of my fashionable


I love so I stay strong

With God

He pushes me to the edge

With infallible questions

And persists I dig deeper

To institute more inspiration for the future

He says, “today is over, so prepare for tomorrow.”

And in this I find peace

That meets me with passion

To exist

This is who I want to be

I am this

But I cant see today

Maybe tomorrow I will discover what I am


The magic is in

The kin of delivery

Washing away the sin

What was once knit

So tight

Is now loose to flight

In the breeze

So often

Please remember

There’s never too much

When a bunch of flowers

Offer their heads to a bed

Laying at ease

Is it’s tease of approval

With it’s power

It’s touch

Is such that brings


The taste of sweet

So much static

Charging itself

Full of energy

Never leaving

But breathing into

 a ceremony

Of it’s stature

So in harmony

Is the wonderful

In me.

So many nights I lay awake

Thinking of how to date


Is it by my age or is it bigger

Than something meant to take

My years away.

Might I admit that I

Like feeling older

It helps me see more

And understand my hope

Is impressed with tales

So many of them take me

Beyond an expression

The love, the hate,

The worship, the memories

Take me to my limits

And suggest I continue

To express my fortitude

Is in how I deliver myself today

Not yesterday,

What possesses me is my very own

Succession of leadership

Skills I have honed in on my entire life

This is the courage it takes to resume myself

Not as imperfect but as remarkably


Today I am courageous admitting

My failures and my past do not mark me today

And may I absorb in this passion of life

What does not conform me

But inform me for my future tests.

I rest in this.


Lives in between the ocean and the sky

Moves mountains and is told that passion plays an important role

Today I see

My fame and fortune include more diameters and impressions

Than yesterday

It is in this where I find paradise meets me

At my best and reaches passed my worst

Without fear, channeling only what I hear

Of importance,

 from it escapes the

 matchless pursuit for magic

And restless is its streams offering forgiveness

A new dream emphatically riddling

It seems through the light that washes me

Of day and births me of night

To find the one true calling

As a new found balance

Conforming myself to

The pleasure of words today.

It takes notes to a new place

It harmonizes and makes no waste

Time is in tables

And always in fables in much

To a disguise

Seems wise

Plenty is left at the end

And quantity creates what is to open

The new day

Today I am ready

To fall to my knees and play

With what exceeds of me

Always excelling and impels me

To continue

This Is my mark

And as I continue to play the harp

Let me be bountiful

So that I may regard my pleasure

As the present of fulfillment.

My posture exudes courage

And my passion excludes desires

That keep me tied up

So open I feel today

Ready and never tired

I can make this the best time

Of my life if I can commit

Like I did yesterday

Today I will be ever so diligent

Resisting all temptations to lose hope

And looking yonder begetting

What comes from me

And offering the sun

It’s rays back

Into the sky that marks my path

In the clouds that form to my wrath

Here me roar as I leave

My mark and wash my face

Of your ways

You will not hold me back

I refuse to check my vision

I’m clearly in the scope of perfection with strength

So my mold is truly a correction

Of you and your ways

I will keep to my heart and press on with hope

And this is my art of creation

My life to you

How you view me is also up to you

But I will live in endurance

The candle is lit

For your desire

She pushes and exceeds

In delight

Let it carry you

To the end

And back to the beginning

Of your journey

Let it take you

To new depths

So extreme

It causes your

Hope to succeed

In diligence and manner

Hold onto it

As  a banner

Reminding you

Of what you

Are due

It’s your time to shine

Don’t ever give

Into what fails you

Hold your honor

As if the last time

You speak

And let your mouth

Wake in the moment

Of inspiration

Let it take you

To infinity

And let it create

Your love

In divinity.

Truly now

You are

 A hero

Of yourself.

 Your rose is so wise

She plays into my eyes

As a founder of perfection

So splendid is my reaction

To touch it and it bursts into color

It lay in my hands in tender

Mercies hoping I see its beauty

So sings my kin which was once mute.

You touch me like i’m flower

You move me with your patience and courage

And so my potion for you is in my kiss

Please exhort your lips

And lay your hand on my bosom

I am yours and my passion

Exists in this.