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So many windows to choose from
I thought shopping was only for girls
How does she choose what one she likes best?
Is it the one with the dresses or the shoes?
How temptations rest in her purse…
Tell me if you think you would lose your mind too
Having to carry your wife’s bags
Where ever she goes
Here , there, everywhere is how she spends her money
Lets just hope she keeps her sanity!
I know I’ve already lost mine

Im infatuated with your ways
And in your heart lays the truth
Of what happens there to your bones as
Your eyes meet with mine
How perfect they are from afar
Untouched and blossoming with mascara
You unfold like an umbrella as you offer me your tears
So that you know this Is not without care
I want to show you exactly how you stare
At perfection.
With one eye open and the other winking.

I’m linked to blood
I also have heart
The body uses me
and likes me thin
I bear to you my history
and I exist in all mammals
i’m second place ribbon
I think hemophilia is a flood
My art comes in danger
as I volley at the net
my hope sets brim
I steer you to rectify
your body with transplants
and I am to plants as glucose is to water.


Sinning through the mouth

You prostitute yourselves in your language

Never giving enough heart to what you say

So I am relaying my tone

In dispute of yours


The quieter it is

The better I see you

So leave your mouth closed

And it will heap in what’s enclosed

Truly parallel is my way of thinking

To the one that delivered you from sinning.

Offering his hand to you and you reject him

How might he help you now that you are mute?

Some words are best kept inside

Unless you want to get gout.

Weight of approval
Staring out through the
Corners of my eyes
I see you judging me
That’s right,
You and you and you
Looking at my blonde hair
And big boobs
Already deciding what i’m hiding
And its something called
Ridicule of you
Judging me based on my looks
Regarding my face as
As nothing more than a tool
That gets me good jobs
I’m pissed at you for thinking
I’m nothing more than a body
So today, i’m claiming my potion
Has always been in my esteem
thanks for nothing
while I fight you off
plaguing me with your distaste
and disgruntled behavior
i’m sorry you’re not as pretty as me
But its time you get over it


Your regal sash endures my fable path,
As your arms stretch they are pure
With my encumbering sorts so numbering
They are at a boiling point, yet I toil
To exist and you persist
I’m not at all binding in what i’m hiding
I’m just hurling what has been churning
In my stomach.

Beauty resides in prudence
The tiniest stone sit and ‘tis
The make of what comes
To head in ways as won

Together we set a time to take
The will of man to new escapes
Loving and adorning all to make
Evidence of what is keep sake.

My honor upholds the worn
Bewildered brinking through the ocean
Yet sorrowful in such scorn
Set a bleak strength in the motion.

Remembering what is due
Is a course of action so in touch
With hemp and so reasonable
We praise our ways of much.

Still in time
Bellowing in its rivals
Is the wind to the water
So risen to drift my way
Of content passion
Is how I rest in cares
Of what I dare contend
They offer me new depths
So extreme I recall
What was once blasphemy
Becomes suited in an art.


I spit out the seeds
So easily turning
At the tip of my tongue
About a watermelon
Sitting in the wrong
You’re supposed to be seedless!
Now I taste
Your blend of texture
Of what seems red or pink
The Harp is rendered
as I experience watermelon

Toilet paper
A roll that owns its toll
So set is nothing left to regret
As you wipe a rear end with it and
It shows its time well spent
So accumulates in your hand
The layers of landing the white paper
Folded neatly to complete a duty
So rests the time with the tables
As you reason on a pot
Thinking of wiping that spot
That brought such disaster in the moment
What was once urgent doesn’t
Seem so dramatic
So is the erratic nature of a need.
Toilet paper: you cant live without it.