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Such comfort in abbreviations

The wonder in conforming

Bring such harmony to a beginning

It was and it tis

Time for this and it’s

To say now and forever

How bliss ful things can seem

As we say in long hand

That short hand is two

Timing with rhyming and reasons

That leave this season to sing


In short, I’ll slang my way

Into a generation

That is more in tune

With laziness than any

I’m only naming myself

To blame

I’m In too much of a hurry

To lay out long

So forever meet

The willing to stay


Strolling through

Touching fabrics

Leaning into hats

The jewelry glistens

I can move

With the magic

That surrounds and has

Turned me to listen

To the specials

And sales

As I try on glasses

And watch the mirrors

The fun in shopping

Introduces me to colors

Seen in magazines

And I loosen my cheer

To redeem my coupons

And I give in to the pleasure

That these feeling bring

And I hear

As the salesperson declares

More sales

I have a rif and rat

And a tit for tat

About things

So many to offer this world

A zip and zat

And a kit kat

Make my rounds happier

I really think

That because of me

You can think further

And indulge in a dot and dat

Because if you have the knack

You can find a way

To chat about what you have to say

Inspirations float in this sea

Offering me monogamy

You see my words never cheat on me

And they really touch sorts of forward desires

And I am fleeing this scene

It’s your turn


Cushioned in comfort

My purr soars through the air

My fur is freshly cleaned and flared with static

So much rests on my mind as I stare at a mouse

I shed and sleep in a bed

And I seem to be the queen of the house


I exercise for my sanity

So many times I trip and seem


Today I can be different

I can be restless and run

To the end of the railroad

Tomorrow I can be

A swan and swim in the lake

When I make amends with my legs

I can take them to bed

Sometimes I think that

as the tables turn in my head

the less I exercise

the more I want it

and the more I chastise myself

the more I run

into the sea of commitment

that ends with integrity

I choose to exercise

It makes me happy

To accomplish

Disciplining myself

I’m round

I peel

I taste sweet

I’m juicy

I go with bananas

I also like strawberries

I’m best with yogurt

Apples meet me at my eyes

And are the same size

I’m first place ribbon

I’m seen as berries

I’m eaten in pies

I can be a smurf

I can be painted on a wall

I can’t be seen in the fall

I can be the color of eyes

Or a ball

I can be feathers of a bird

I’m the color of jeans

I quench thirst as juice

And my name is blue


Standing sideways leaves her body to be but a silhouette

Slightly in the shade she moves closer to the tree

As she glances to her left she sees the marking of an imprinted heart

This art was formed in memory of her true love

Some have said he is deceased but she knows his soul always lives


My bark billows with the sound waves as I chase a cat

I sleep on plump pillows

My family dresses me in a sweater and hat

I swim with children and like to have a pat on my back

So much fun I have living for a run


I fight cancer

I’m the color of a bonnet

I live in victoria’s secret

I’m the color of leaves in the fall

I swim in pies as strawberries

I’m the color of a ribbon in a girl’s hair

And I’m a pair of pink socks