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Who shall memorize your smile?
Who shall triumph in this law?
Who shall appease and beguile?
Who shall know your tears?
Who shall go the extra mile?
Who shall set time aside?
Who shall caress your fears?

Desires change and memories fade
When the passing fancy parade goes by
Yet when all else is dim and passions brim
You shall ever make me sigh!

in thy sword rest purpose and honor

love is harbored

and love is chartered

this armor nestled within

confirms the precious

gives and learns

shows and burns

until the night sets

and the day ends

never regretting

or  forgetting

but remembering

this knighthood

comes to flight my

desires by heart

When I am away from you

there is a loneliness

a great emptiness

When I am with you

there is completion

a feeling of kindred hearts

let us escape into the fountain

of desire

and let us capture

this intense emotion

with bliss

that executes

surrendering to

a power of heaven

Love is a climate

Surrendering it’s will to the rain

And honoring the sun again

Just as love comes and goes

It’s offered to foes and friends alike

But lovers enchant

And give to immaculate perception

Of it’s truest form

In magic this passion

Involving relating accords

To the beginning of time

Insinuating possessing a trait

Carried off in the wind

To the next obliged

Love trails and sets sails

Offering bliss to the birds

And a home for the bees

Truly it’s in the air


Glitters of Pleasure


This river of summer

Blue and infinite curving

Surrenders my soul

The shining sea basks under

The shining sun

In a radiance

Chandeliers dancing

In the light

Your love glistens

Golden mysteries

Tell me of a song

Long ago

Listening to all

The synergy in the world

Sets my murmur rose

Like the hidden hummimg

Of spring

This heartwelling

Surrounds in extreme limitations

Radiant entrance of a kiss

The glitters of pleasure

My trembling security subsides

As you cloak me with your eyes

I carry your heart with me

In Selfish blindness

I’m such a fool

This brawl inside

Teases me as a tool

Of how to hide

Caress my cheeks

Tears that please

Let my mind hunger

With a fearless desire

That quenches my thirst

For your touch

My taste for your kiss

My dreams only take me

To so many streams of fantasies

I long for the day

I can quit being a fool

Who can fail to the sky

That is pulled over my face

When I look at your smile

Time tells my fate

And let my secrets be shared

 only with the birds

Someday my soul will fly just as high

Commemorating the day

I can stop deceiving my own eye

Your caress makes me blush rose

You gently whisper as you kiss my shoulder

Leaving the moment tucked inside

Harnesses the wonder presented in this

Appeal of an enamored reveal

So soft, so elegant, so much trust

Thus complimenting this flutter

That gives into my attraction for you

In a breathless exemption

Fortifying nature and tempting a fate

Of a capture

So enraptured I am with your guile

Presently I feel as if a child without a care

And a woman with whom you have this affair

I surrender to your melody

This symphony is pure insanity

But we only have one last night

For our intoxicating love