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Reverence brings me to my knees amour
Veneration pours out of me as I gaze into your eyes
Desire punishes me as I watch you cling to ways
That bore a hole in my soul for your fruitful passions to rest
Inexorable trust grants this kiss guiding my lips into a glimpse
of heaven as they gently frolic their way down your chest
enlightened with the taste of pleasure will mend every deserts restraint
your fountain bears the color of the sky that seems untouchable
so out of reach also is your love that commands the stars to shine in the night
alone they lie bewildered and I sigh in pain that you brought me
as I shout in credence I gain only to satisfy my undying devotion to your beauty
come my love bring me to your dynasty embrace my soul as I wait
for the withered leaves to fall renew me for years to come
I yearn for your warmth the season is chill while the sun stays hot
So is my heart unchanging with heat
A tempered beat rises from the sea
Calling me for unity a true remedy seems
to crash with the waves rolling into infinity
your beauty surpasses this
engaging my earnest greed for you
through the breeze that wishes you to me
my nails grip onto your purity
extending its power through me
lift me to the light that you live in
stroke my vision of you and me
perform invisibly into my soul
match my fashion and I will take you to your dreams
trance my perception cure me of my duty
escape to my arms unyielding love awaits
open the door full of plenty a wonder for sore eyes
wash my fears with the way you stare into mine
kindle my purpose to live… and I shall exist
for you only


Standing sideways leaves her body to be but a silhouette

Slightly in the shade she moves closer to the tree

As she glances to her left she sees the marking of an imprinted heart

This art was formed in memory of her true love

Some have said he is deceased but she knows his soul always lives

My passions take me past my critical affairs

And lurks beneath my skin a pair of hands

Keeping my heart beating

This pressure that I bear is also in you

We receive and view passion differently

But we are all the same

Made of blood and bone

And my tone might come off

A little honed in on you to step up

And match me at my eyes

You cant stay down on your knees all day long


It’s time for you to start redirecting and reaching

And perfecting this art of your life

You manage to have a testimony

Can you also be damaged by a lonely?

Recover and feel projected of strength

Erect yourself and stand like you mean it

Today and say it is in your blood that you can meet with

Adversity in the eye and say

Watch this!

Because I have Christ.

You say you want to take care of me

Yet you joke about giving me money

So many times I lay awake

Thinking that life is opaque

When in reatlity it’s clear

That you want me without my problems

So I will wallow in them by myself

Because in this is the shelf of opportunity

Offering me what you’ve never been giving

I don’t just want your heart,

I want the art that we’ve made together

I want it all

Give me your wonder

And I will tell you

That when December comes

I will no longer need your friendship.

why do I feel so lonely in this relationship?

My soul spills over

To roll a power

Of what was once sour

Meet me now as a flower

So many times I holler

At you to listen and now

you seem like a coward

ignoring me.

The part of my hands that share
An art of complacency is rare
Truly obscurity in my vision
Adhering to completeness and incision
So gaunt I am as I stare in the mirror
Thinking of the days I was used as a singer
Remediating integrity and offering a sanity
Much like a child manifests in humanity.


I insist my persuasion suggests

That my rest is purely in comfort

Your blinding me with your words

Of disgusts

And my anxiety

Is caused from such and less

Please excuse yourself

Around me

So that I know

You know

That you cannot harm me

With your mouth

Of filth.

Move on.

I’d rather you talk to me

With your arms

And sing with your toes

So that you really

Get the feeling

Of how i’m being ignored

Right now.


Your view is so obtuse
Almost strangling
what should be in use
Coherent is the blossoming
Of a power
Indicted and sued restless
Commits your reason
for emphatically pleasing
The wrong one.
The wrong people.
the wrong places.

Weight of approval
Staring out through the
Corners of my eyes
I see you judging me
That’s right,
You and you and you
Looking at my blonde hair
And big boobs
Already deciding what i’m hiding
And its something called
Ridicule of you
Judging me based on my looks
Regarding my face as
As nothing more than a tool
That gets me good jobs
I’m pissed at you for thinking
I’m nothing more than a body
So today, i’m claiming my potion
Has always been in my esteem
thanks for nothing
while I fight you off
plaguing me with your distaste
and disgruntled behavior
i’m sorry you’re not as pretty as me
But its time you get over it

You tease me with your
…age so skilled and gauged
Affords you the name ‘mister’
Relying on your sister
But you forget
As you lay blistered
To lay your regrets
In the sun these days
As mother Mary
Raises the cover
You laid on my brother
Recovers your spirit
Residing in the yellow
Of your disease
As you so frequently pull back my sheets with ease,
I rest as she covers my wounds
Casting my spell on you.
She hovers and mothers
My souls so free
Be it may she recover you too.
Instilling the faith and blessed
Resonates the blue
Of the ceremony I render
Costing me the better
Of my dear life you arrest
To test my heart of pain
Leaving with you no longer
A distaster so vain
Enlightening the soul
Of your fruit you sold
To me as a reminder of who I can be.
The best is my name and I came to play
To win adrift
The sail I set
With the sword of truth
Never in debt
To me I see
A lady of glee
Ratting you out to my forecaster it be
Accusing you of your indecency
Never in enough pain I see
So he lay with me a cane so very plain
As I wear the glasses of the wise
You try to place your enterprise
Belittling me and abusing
Your sanctity
Forgetting who’s watching and reasoning
Overshadows your decisions and
Records your blasphemy ways.
For not understanding who lay at your feet
Resting in love and an army of might
So wills the sky
In morning glory
Applauding the youth of the rainbows story
So temptuous and gluttony
Rolls off your tongue
Witnessing the inventory of the perfect one
You also will see someday
Who is talking through me so keen,
Mocking you and your carelessness
Accusing the ugly duckling of being improper
Poses questions of who made you abusing
As you follow, you wallow in your very own self esteem