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Many days I sit

And look at the bevel in the mirror

Thinking that my age

Is to share with the edge

And it’s clear

That my mere character says

Don’t let the mirror

Play into my fear

I wonder what my age

Will look like some day

And let it take away dismay

And bring with it

Comfort of sharing my

Heart with a bevel

Meeting my eye

To deceive the true colors

Of something so untouched as

My pride.

It seems so many

And offers plenty

It could be bubbles

It could be taffy

Its blessings surpass

It brings in schools with the ocean

It dances to melodies

It lives in my potion

It calms a belly’s hunger

And exists with the holy

I’m in abundance

In the never ending juggle of what we struggle with
In advantage so clear as a pier on water
I see now the time is sufficient for who it holds too,
And remarkably on course is the choice in yours,
So lays with it the pink of the orange and the red of the purple
To bring back memories so in fact
Volumptuous and damn near over the top,
Of a natural state.

To prelude into a tempt of hope
We sit and while we have in scope
We wash our feet and cure disease
Truly we are honored to commit to beauty
Offering us diligent extremes instilled by nature
Reacting to the truth lays in its abilities
Touching decent in reigns so loose
Describing what im scribing
Permits a recluse as we choose
To deliver what prompts us
And adhere to pleasure of a castle
So unique as it is the tallest and widest
And the most detailed of all.

You make your own cool
As you sip your soda
Always nodding as you smile
You’re so cool
in the way you quit smoking
always finding yourself and
Never letting addictions provoke you
You’re so cool
You’ve lost another twenty pounds
And your plenty on your way to being a model
Your so cool
How you say that the eye is but a tool
And I agree as I see
On the board is a score of a team
On a winning streak
And you say you have the tickets
You’re so cool
In the way you’re immovable
Concrete is your history
Proving that you rely on God
Your so cool
I remember the times apart
And I think now we offer each other
Something that should be in art,
Our picture of life is
Part of living our destiny out
As you look my way
My eyes will tell you that I portray the sea,
And i’m a fool for you.

My dream is in my reflection
Of a person so satisfied
Yet the pages are unturned and my perception is born
How I remember to pacify
This love that is at both ends of the spectrum
What is this force that commits
Itself in passion
As both good and evil
I admit im trying to count the days
Until we meet she and I in a pleasure
T o attest that my will is both in fury and ration.
I confess im in purity.

so rich
so content
is my rent coming my way
the green dollar
is happiest on a collar
because my friend,
you cant take it with you
You can call it all you want
but it wont ever talk to you
it wont possess the holy spirit
it only helps your wallet
So the truth is
I’d rather be a parrot
than any green that is due to you

Still in time
Bellowing in its rivals
Is the wind to the water
So risen to drift my way
Of content passion
Is how I rest in cares
Of what I dare contend
They offer me new depths
So extreme I recall
What was once blasphemy
Becomes suited in an art.

My heart calms when you’re near
The ring of your voice
Is like a jacket to my back
You clear away the storms
And you bring comfort
Merely at wonder
Lies my wake in your shoulders
It is at your chest my head lays
Comparing your beat to mine
Also meets my eyes as yours
Daring to reach into the depth
Met with divinity
So real, truly satisfying
To find someone ideal
Comforting me like Christ.

My own Season

What’s your season?
Does it catch you in a wrong?
It is your carriage or your throne?
Do you mark it with a song?
Can you really justify your reason?
For pouring out your spirit for so long?
Is this your atone?
Can you insert and eject one?
Where is the beginning to your decent?
Do you choose a thong?
Are you looking to please God or man?
Can I leave this as sand?
Spilling through the keyhole?
Is there any other way through?
My mold is everso in the plan?
Can I resist your hand?
Please spare me your audience?
and watch me dance?
To my own beat?
I think I will.