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Nestled within

Are dreams and sins

Bearing life and war

Of what I bore

Often I tease

With what appeases me so

Hovering and covering

What shoud be live

I refuse to hide

When life subsides

Im sure I will find

The brand that cures

Is also the pure inside

Superfluous rings in the temples

Exorbitant measures take place

Carrying with this hope of broadcasting

A newborn

The sweet asiatic lilies

 and splendid beauty of the patience

Brings subtle gentleness to your soul

Wondering what will come of this

One that was born

 into a life full of butterflies

And this cadence of flowers

Offers a taste of what is divine in life

Upholding to the beauty that can transform us all

So brilliantly lit

To tempt my stare

Daring to keep

A sheen desire

Reaching for the stars

That sparkle

And to the sea of opportunity

My decent reaches through

The caves and over the mountains

To find a new relation

To what is sewn and what is true

To my heart

Does your season

Press your heart to your hands?

Does she mark you with your thoughts?

How grand it is to witness thee.

In everlasting delight

You give us strength and we agree you dip us

In such clean bath to the light.

To know you is demonstrative of what is with,

The shadow you leave behind.

She is so loving that she never looks back

Her faith lays in your hands.

 my satisfaction is roused with your touch,

as you wake the water around me,

 I float with the blood of Christ

Rain drips to my leaves

I stay blossoming

Leaving a fresh aroma in the air

Your beauty surrounds me

As I see my reflection

I stay in tact as the weather tries to mock me

I refuse to come apart.

The edges teach me of my fragile nature,

I rise in deformity

So also lays my reason

For my stature

I rest in unity

So dwells in me my seasons

as a perennial flower


So bland is the sand between my feet

Always meeting me at ease

Watching the sun

And broadcasting a future

So in line with my vision

Of sublime difference

Allow me to rest

In this beauty

This is the best of my life

Today irrefutably

Living in this chest

Allows me to overcome my past

So let me be

Seeing the new me.