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Lace on rainbows
Chocolate chips on stars
The sight of kisses on a sparkling sea
A life of lollipops and lillies
Bring fulfillment to the leaves of trees
And a child’s dream
Bouncing through this world of chaos
Prompting a voice to twinkle
And to say,
have a marvelous,
delightful day


I pick a flower

So I have its power

I talk when I walk

And skip as I tip

To the right and left

I’m so happy

I’m eating taffy

Enjoying the sun in the sky

And hoping to see

my friend so gleeful.

Laying low to reason with seasons

Of shoes so loose lays the laces

Tempting ears to rise

In a disguise after I realize

What I just sewed of my shoe

Are the two bunny ears and new

Are my laces of blue

Tying on top of and under

Dances my fingers as they linger

Waiting for my thoughts to reach me

As I teach me to exercise

The dance and the knot of the bunny

So sunny today in my light

I’m happy they’re tight

And as I run I will have fun

Jumping as my mind uses

My binding of a story

Of a kind

That helps me learn

That I can earn

The respect of myself

As I reach the shelf

Of my glory

And become a winner.


Cushioned in comfort

My purr soars through the air

My fur is freshly cleaned and flared with static

So much rests on my mind as I stare at a mouse

I shed and sleep in a bed

And I seem to be the queen of the house

I’m round

I peel

I taste sweet

I’m juicy

I go with bananas

I also like strawberries

I’m best with yogurt

Apples meet me at my eyes

And are the same size

I’m first place ribbon

I’m seen as berries

I’m eaten in pies

I can be a smurf

I can be painted on a wall

I can’t be seen in the fall

I can be the color of eyes

Or a ball

I can be feathers of a bird

I’m the color of jeans

I quench thirst as juice

And my name is blue


My bark billows with the sound waves as I chase a cat

I sleep on plump pillows

My family dresses me in a sweater and hat

I swim with children and like to have a pat on my back

So much fun I have living for a run