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Brilliance resounds in action

Creating means falling into inspiration

And becoming one with fascination

Of beyond

Divinity plays an important role

In creation

So let your thoughts run free

And bow as a majesty

You are the king or queen of yourself

Of the way you choose to talk,

To behave, to dream, and to achieve

Soon you will see this castle was created

For you

And lives in unlimited proportions

To mending your day

Excellence comes with admitting

The Lord is in control

Committing to your desires forces you to push higher

By demanding the best of yourself

God commands you to feel free

Choose your ways as the color lay in the sky

Full of renown sacrifice from God

Promising us a rainbow

Let this next display

Say to you and your capabilities

That you can prepare

And turn your fears into heroic tales

For your next generation


Please step up

To meet me at my eye

It is in thine own hands

What signs attest

Please dance

And mark your seat

So that you may eat

What you deliver

So wide seems my sided view
Of horses and ponies, “oh what a course,”
Of riding this is, soon to be hiding me
Behind one, yet none are alive
So they cant say Hi to me
Although I feel their stares daring me to kiss them
On their mouths so fresh is what im about to do
Smiling my way into the news


You talk of a bug
So mighty yet small
And she climbs the corners
Like a moth or a fly
Until you get closer you
See her jacket is yellow and
Full of blackness
Her suit scares you and you run
For cover.
So sets in the scare of reality
So fragile a state it is to
Witness to date the fly on the wall…

In the never ending juggle of what we struggle with
In advantage so clear as a pier on water
I see now the time is sufficient for who it holds too,
And remarkably on course is the choice in yours,
So lays with it the pink of the orange and the red of the purple
To bring back memories so in fact
Volumptuous and damn near over the top,
Of a natural state.

My dream is in my reflection
Of a person so satisfied
Yet the pages are unturned and my perception is born
How I remember to pacify
This love that is at both ends of the spectrum
What is this force that commits
Itself in passion
As both good and evil
I admit im trying to count the days
Until we meet she and I in a pleasure
T o attest that my will is both in fury and ration.
I confess im in purity.

Thy spirit is nestled in your attributes
I throw myself into your truths
So magnificent they are full of robust scores and more
I lift my head in a drought and I praise you in all doubt
Lord, you grant me a regal power to love
And I am not above anyone else, although you make
Me feel like I have no inequities.
My magic is securely untouched
And is called dignity so enthralled
Its suit is your armor and so I am warmer
In nature, you comfort me with wonders
So abreast on my youth, I know your test
Is due in your timing and im miming what seems rue
With all powers my suffering is in claiming my name.