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You float to me

And send me into a fashion

That becomes me

Truly I adore you

You bring me into hope

And never lose faith in me

You come and give me a glimpse of divinity

One that shows me the tips of affinity

Such a feat it is to shatter my independence

And cling to you

you touch me and teach me to achieve

happiness in the air with a whisper of genuine


it is in you where I find my freedom

to believe in myself and smother


thank you for inspiring me to look into

the sea of infinity

and choosing to be free to discover

the harmony that comes

as I worship you


I sit thinking that i’m inspired by the sky or the wind

And I wonder why I’m shown another day

Today I want to make it better so to send me

To the next platter of life

I live and eat what I sew

And this quilt will give me my next show

So full of color and bows

Hopefully tomorrow I will bend to it’s ways

Always persisting on beginning in hope

And begetting one spirit at hand

So many wonders faithfully afloat

In what becomes of life

So to shadow my thoughts and dreams

Living in a testimony of my world

Let me share with you as I dare

Take on my next endeavors and let this poetry find you

In a way that masters and professes

What makes me move

And inspires me to prove

Myself as won by divinity

Totally refined

I am

As defined

In what is said


It seems

That being holy


That I have a


That shows me

I am great

Today I might be

But tomorrow

I will be much farther

And will call it


You’re binding me to

See the real me

Is who I mean to be

Always loving and committed

To my song

Am I wrong to please myself

With a tune so new

That it’s label is but a fable

In the future

I can see who

I’m meant to be

And I think I’m bound

To you and you and you

This is my life

Always stating  the truth

Of what my life brings

So much sentiment today

As I lay my shadow at the door

Never forgetting who made me

But enduring the lost

As but a pause of me

Holding to the future is plain you

Try to say

But I see this riddle finding me

In a place that hides me as the flesh

To my bones

You may think you see the real me

But it is yet to be discovered

As I show you

My laugh

The depth of it stays with me

Keeping me in solitude

Offering the magnitude

Of what is becoming

Keeps me going hoping

to keep my secret

of who I’m trying to hide.


In a minute your life can change

What would you like it to say about you

Have you gained the respect you are due

And have you accomplished your dreams

So many streams of light flow through

what meets with the eye of the matter

 so many times you’ve suffered

And it’s true you’ve earned your keep

So stop weeping about your past

It does not define you

Let your life shine it’s beauty into the depths

Of high waters and let this ocean

Be true to who you are

And in it rests the wonder of your heart

Keep going and never give into your failure

Let it be fuel to your fire

And regard it as small compared to what marks

Your path.

Surely you have enough confidence to claim your ways today

As remarkable.


You’ve won

So many have but one


It’s to succeed

So many are clueless

What it means

I’m telling you now

It seems to me

That beauty is not

Only in the eye

Of the beholder

It also lies in the

Hearts content

Truly streaming through


And the succession

Of pride along with will

Takes us to the next tide

In the ocean

Learning of what makes us a winner

Surely you can see

Is all up to beings

Of aptitude

Testing one’s will

Along with reaching

Beyond what we see

Allows us the dignity to face

Our actions

And withstand pain

To the end.

Until won in body and soul.

Are you a winner?

She pursues perfection

She decides when is enough

She endures your plight

She insists she deserves some slack

She encourages good behavior

She is a teacher

She is a mother

She is a daughter

She is you


Hear her tone

Make true her colors

Let it be said in stone

How remarkable you are

And never let it confuse

Your purpose,



Remarking on a word so full

Of wonder

I stare at this and insist

It’s case comes with power

Fulfilling dreams

And describing a magic

Of beauty

It seems it dares to be different

Even cogent it relies on thine eye

Of perfection

New and old both are

In the queue

Parting the waters with a hue

Of purple commenting

On it’s regal abilities

Sewing and mending

Something that’s heading

Into the depths of infinity

So projects my case

As not hiding

But binding to what owns me

Is my love.

Life takes us to the ends of the universe

And watches us as we make

So many plunders

 the wonders live in our ways

so to say,

as happy times

so stop miming your life

and take charge with words

that deliver you to the center

of your empire.

Be jolly

And regard your folly as


Through life we get a hand of cards

Drawn in our name

Let them say

Our time is wide

And full of color

Without hate.

Whatever we say

Makes us

To lose faith

Or endure the next



I want to bargain

With the lost words

Of yesterday

Bring to me a garden

Of flowers

And accord to my will

 So that someday

I can say

I helped make

that quill

That helps that

bird soar

As we hear

of messages


 their tone

Let us be


Introduced to

Their way

of uniting

In a ‘v’