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Does your season

Press your heart to your hands?

Does she mark you with your thoughts?

How grand it is to witness thee.

In everlasting delight

You give us strength and we agree you dip us

In such clean bath to the light.

To know you is demonstrative of what is with,

The shadow you leave behind.

She is so loving that she never looks back

Her faith lays in your hands.

 my satisfaction is roused with your touch,

as you wake the water around me,

 I float with the blood of Christ

Rain drips to my leaves

I stay blossoming

Leaving a fresh aroma in the air

Your beauty surrounds me

As I see my reflection

I stay in tact as the weather tries to mock me

I refuse to come apart.


In a minute your life can change

What would you like it to say about you

Have you gained the respect you are due

And have you accomplished your dreams

So many streams of light flow through

what meets with the eye of the matter

 so many times you’ve suffered

And it’s true you’ve earned your keep

So stop weeping about your past

It does not define you

Let your life shine it’s beauty into the depths

Of high waters and let this ocean

Be true to who you are

And in it rests the wonder of your heart

Keep going and never give into your failure

Let it be fuel to your fire

And regard it as small compared to what marks

Your path.

Surely you have enough confidence to claim your ways today

As remarkable.

I’m free to be me

I am winded with Glory

I am sanctified in my bridge

Of the course taken so mere

Discloses to me my ideal

Of beauty reigning in positivity

Never abusing

Only dating me with kisses

She flirts with my words

She instills confidence

She thrills my chills

To let lose

And let the force takeover of dignity

It takes notes to a new place

It harmonizes and makes no waste

Time is in tables

And always in fables in much

To a disguise

Seems wise

Plenty is left at the end

And quantity creates what is to open

The new day

Today I am ready

To fall to my knees and play

With what exceeds of me

Always excelling and impels me

To continue

This Is my mark

And as I continue to play the harp

Let me be bountiful

So that I may regard my pleasure

As the present of fulfillment.

My posture exudes courage

And my passion excludes desires

That keep me tied up

So open I feel today

Ready and never tired

I can make this the best time

Of my life if I can commit

Like I did yesterday

Today I will be ever so diligent

Resisting all temptations to lose hope

And looking yonder begetting

What comes from me

And offering the sun

It’s rays back

Into the sky that marks my path

In the clouds that form to my wrath

Here me roar as I leave

My mark and wash my face

Of your ways

You will not hold me back

I refuse to check my vision

I’m clearly in the scope of perfection with strength

So my mold is truly a correction

Of you and your ways

I will keep to my heart and press on with hope

And this is my art of creation

My life to you

How you view me is also up to you

But I will live in endurance

So many temptations lay at my tongue

How wrong am I to spit them out

How do I regulate what I say

When all I want is to lay

Them out in an art



I make a creation

With sorts enlisting the son

Heavenly father will

You be one with me in all

I say

That way I know im never wrong

And I will play into it with no fear

Of what others think

May I be blessed incessantly choosing

Words that work with me

Rather than hold me back

So on track I will be

If I can find that part of me

That offers the rays of the sun

And the will of the one

That brought me to life

Help me recite what I am right about

And caress my tone with what shone in the light

Of the sky as the mold

In flight of the heavens.

The candle is lit

For your desire

She pushes and exceeds

In delight

Let it carry you

To the end

And back to the beginning

Of your journey

Let it take you

To new depths

So extreme

It causes your

Hope to succeed

In diligence and manner

Hold onto it

As  a banner

Reminding you

Of what you

Are due

It’s your time to shine

Don’t ever give

Into what fails you

Hold your honor

As if the last time

You speak

And let your mouth

Wake in the moment

Of inspiration

Let it take you

To infinity

And let it create

Your love

In divinity.

Truly now

You are

 A hero

Of yourself.

Many days I sit

And look at the bevel in the mirror

Thinking that my age

Is to share with the edge

And it’s clear

That my mere character says

Don’t let the mirror

Play into my fear

I wonder what my age

Will look like some day

And let it take away dismay

And bring with it

Comfort of sharing my

Heart with a bevel

Meeting my eye

To deceive the true colors

Of something so untouched as

My pride.

My dimensions of my psychy

Offer a feeling of being

Tied down

With The provisions

And ascensions

Not yet used

How clever Of a way

To say I feel abused

I could be


Recharged if I could

Focus on what

Should open

The doors to my

Insight lures me closer


In the best of me

guessing me through prosperity

so many answers I’m looking for

when will they meet me at the shore?

I must just wait at that gate

So that I don’t tempt time

But let fate choose me in mine.