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Your brilliance surpasses the mountains and lakes
It takes me beyond what meets the eye
And your fountain is dripping of keen supply
Enactments follow the description of your syllables
Your knowledge succeeds and meets with the nature of your walk.
Such a fair, prowess
Your kiss is as if….the root teases it’s flower
And your grace,
By far makes the succession of bows
Astound in pleasure
Your foxiness abides In your eyes
And you mend as if the last drop of gold lay in hand
Your bosom are as if warm salutations
Occupied by murmurs of infatuation
Your gird is like … the wings of an angel
Your hair is like strings of ingenuity
Your cheeks are as if marbled in rose
Your breastline is like diamonds to my eyes
Your thighs are like muscles that entice my insight
Your decisions are like confirmations of your heart
Your thoughts are like precious gems from above
Y\our skills are like a dynasty of suppression
Your words are like a manuscript from Egyptians
Your laughter is like a monument of freedom
Your knowledge is like passion restricted
Your fashion is like a wand of devotion
Your character traits are like a blind man’s dreams
Your monogamy is like a jeweled Friesian
Your desirability is like a tool for the imagination
Your sentences are like a disguise for your sanctity
Your sentiment conveys your power within
Your convictions are like an austere collection
Your power over me confuses my shoes
As if running to your magic

When I am away from you

there is a loneliness

a great emptiness

When I am with you

there is completion

a feeling of kindred hearts

let us escape into the fountain

of desire

and let us capture

this intense emotion

with bliss

that executes

surrendering to

a power of heaven

Love is a climate

Surrendering it’s will to the rain

And honoring the sun again

Just as love comes and goes

It’s offered to foes and friends alike

But lovers enchant

And give to immaculate perception

Of it’s truest form

In magic this passion

Involving relating accords

To the beginning of time

Insinuating possessing a trait

Carried off in the wind

To the next obliged

Love trails and sets sails

Offering bliss to the birds

And a home for the bees

Truly it’s in the air


Glitters of Pleasure


This river of summer

Blue and infinite curving

Surrenders my soul

The shining sea basks under

The shining sun

In a radiance

Chandeliers dancing

In the light

Your love glistens

Golden mysteries

Tell me of a song

Long ago

Listening to all

The synergy in the world

Sets my murmur rose

Like the hidden hummimg

Of spring

This heartwelling

Surrounds in extreme limitations

Radiant entrance of a kiss

The glitters of pleasure

My trembling security subsides

As you cloak me with your eyes

The fountain mingles with the ocean

And the seas with the rivers

The winds of the heaven mix forever

Leaving rays on the blossoming flowers

With   such   sweet emotion

All things by the law divine are lovely

Nothing is single

One moves the other

So spirits intertwine

Why not I with thine?

The mountains kiss the heavens

The hills kiss the pastures

The winds cling to one direction

The shutter of sins brings forgiveness

 To the sunlight that clasps the land

The moonbeams kiss the oceans

As sentiment stirs within

Oh how we delight in the majestic

What is  all this sweet worth

If though kiss not me?

When he pressed his lips to hers

An ease fell upon her as if her needs

And truest desires had been met

His hand cascaded down her arm

She noticed he had been teasing

 with her strap

To her satin dress

Her dress fell to her feet

Although she lay bare

He wrapped her within his tender words

The love that spilled from his mouth

Met her as his lips touched her breast

His flame was kindled and she never felt more

Enraptured by his delight

 she claims, “This must be like heaven”

Love, Take me to the depths of your love

Teach me to see the beginning of divinity

Consume me with your passion

And escort me into ecstasy