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Your eyes sing to my soul,

your smile is like a bouquet of roses,

the clouds frown when you leave me at night,

and every time i think of you the sky gets brighter,

my dreams suffer only without you in them ,

your life folds love into mine over and over,

until we are both covered with a blanket of kisses

Reverence brings me to my knees amour
Veneration pours out of me as I gaze into your eyes
Desire punishes me as I watch you cling to ways
That bore a hole in my soul for your fruitful passions to rest
Inexorable trust grants this kiss guiding my lips into a glimpse
of heaven as they gently frolic their way down your chest
enlightened with the taste of pleasure will mend every deserts restraint
your fountain bears the color of the sky that seems untouchable
so out of reach also is your love that commands the stars to shine in the night
alone they lie bewildered and I sigh in pain that you brought me
as I shout in credence I gain only to satisfy my undying devotion to your beauty
come my love bring me to your dynasty embrace my soul as I wait
for the withered leaves to fall renew me for years to come
I yearn for your warmth the season is chill while the sun stays hot
So is my heart unchanging with heat
A tempered beat rises from the sea
Calling me for unity a true remedy seems
to crash with the waves rolling into infinity
your beauty surpasses this
engaging my earnest greed for you
through the breeze that wishes you to me
my nails grip onto your purity
extending its power through me
lift me to the light that you live in
stroke my vision of you and me
perform invisibly into my soul
match my fashion and I will take you to your dreams
trance my perception cure me of my duty
escape to my arms unyielding love awaits
open the door full of plenty a wonder for sore eyes
wash my fears with the way you stare into mine
kindle my purpose to live… and I shall exist
for you only

Your kisses lift my dreams and present me with my very own sight
Command me to reach and impel me to search within for this glimpse
Of true happiness that is set by the sun every day and every chance I breathe
Into this chest of harmony that begins my redemption and holds me to a dance of perfection
I marvel at this genuine trust that builds an orchestra stating my plans for this future
Of you and I ,
So complete , so divine
Hold me tonight and send me to the skies
Truly you keep me in the clouds of passion
This tune Is so pure, so blended with the stars and I
Cannot move another step without you touching me
You press in me a matchless content of persuasion
And I contend only with the sun
Wrap me in your love and enchant me for all my days above

Inspiration decides its own fate
Hath it been at its own gate?
Longing for your desperate love
I listen to the songs of the birds
Envisioning a picture of mere perfection
Entangles my hopes with my dreams
This site of you captures my best and worst
The pain I have inside is freed as you unwrap me
My past, my memories, all relapse in time
As if conducing the wine inside
Enticing me to …
Reach for the temple of desire
Caress my soft lavender thoughts
And lift them
With the kiss of your tongue
Enlist your passion inside as I
bring you to your knees
touch my face and pour your heart
into my soul
My lips are restless
To execute your ways
As I say, “I love you”
I embrace it and confide in your eyes
You relax my will enough
That enthralls my own perception of the sky

Love knows no names
Love knows no games
Love knows no titles
Love knows no tides
Love knows no beasts
Love knows only sacrifice
Love knows only kindling
Love knows only caring
Love is about giving
Love is about sharing
Love is about this moment
Of your hearing and meets with your sight
As if the flight within answers
Meddling through with passion
And never ceases to presume
But encapsulates the power to consume
And this is a matchless pursuit
Living, breathing, streaming through
This world with dreams
And your destiny is to touch
For one second in as much as
You hand out

The moon wakes this restless desire inside
This night takes me to my dreams
And fantasies stream within
As I look beyond what I can see
Such temptations leave me
To sing as I stare at your picture
My tongue only knows how to pronounce
This name that takes me by the hand
And touches me with destiny
So marvelous, so beautiful
Your name is written in my heart
And thou shall forever by thy art.

the sun sets and
the night speaks as if indeed
I exist to witness
a sea of arousal in spirit
as you touch my hand
as you kiss my lips
as you stand in my presence
you cure my fascism
you cure my relativity
you cure my abilities
your eyes tell of your hidden prize
your words are as if pressed into resilience
and mark my words today
when I say I wish I could hand you a medal
for your treasured laughter
and your immeasurable sacrifice
pleasuring my insatiable
and relentless passion
for you