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So wide seems my sided view
Of horses and ponies, “oh what a course,”
Of riding this is, soon to be hiding me
Behind one, yet none are alive
So they cant say Hi to me
Although I feel their stares daring me to kiss them
On their mouths so fresh is what im about to do
Smiling my way into the news

This ice sculpture im viewing,
Is a complete monument of what is strong
Holding to my yearning to be wise
So is my disguise not wasted in plenty but used
To suit my new esteem with a wife
I stare at it and wonder, if this is how I look
Then We’re fonder than what I imagined
Of holding tight to the resources so delightful
Is our maker seeking to caress our tone
With stone,but in ice of regency
This melts but as it drips
Sits the resin in accord to what makes us bow
The art of this is now in the moment
So take us to the road where you meet us
Because I only care about what you think of us
Truly your spirit settles in this path
so endearing as
You touch us with Beauty.

So amiable is my satisfaction
Uprooting talent so extreme
That It boggles my mind
Definatley remarking on what is bold
Endearing what is folded into my arms
Is the unity of pleasure
As I witness my passion
Persecuting me without resistance
Offering a pride and content
So loose I feel today.

What is the truth?
Does it fall in a clarity view
If so do I recognize what I realize?
So often I mistake what it is I make
Of a young soul hoping to satisfy what is old
In it postulating a decree remarking on its part
Of resources so wandering is the eye
In looking yonder in wonder
Experimenting with what offers a smile
Or a lightness of heart.
I am honest.

What rides you?
Does your bumper sticker prove you knowledgeable?
So often we lay hope in the feet of resolve
Truly my point distinctly creates posture
Does a religion have to be posted
And at that can it belong to a vehicle?
So often your ride decides where you go
What is your ride?
Is it in your actions or does it declare you a pardon
As you sit meandering through your thoughts
I rest in knowing I can be true to me
This is my new religion and my bumper sticker says
I am me.

Honesty and sanctity go hand in hand
Im running as fast as I can
Do you see this satisfaction
Of what seems so brilliant is actually
Remembering my adolescence
Reminds me of what can be incandescent
Abiding to what rules me
Insists my cure will be
In what I find I can hide from others
And in what comes to mind.
I am in sanctity.