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What is the truth?

Does it fall in a clarity view

If so do I recognize what I realize?

So often I mistake what it is I make

Of a young soul hoping to satisfy what is old

In it postulating a decree remarking on its part

Of resources so wandering is the eye

In looking yonder in wonder

Experimenting with what offers a smile

Or a lightness of heart.

I am honest.


Your words float to me

and touch me

With inspiration

Surely you mean them,

You seem so perfect

What aren’t you telling me?

Is there any imperfection

So that I may be reassured

In mine

For fun you say

Lets go for a run

Surely you put action

To everything you do

Now its time to let me show you

My life as I only imagine

Because you take me to places

That I’ve only heard of

And I see the beauty

Now in being perfect too

with you


My infinity

Takes heart

That you part

With your failures

And offer your recourse

To be an art

Persuading your duty

To own what you show

On the outside

Will also make

Amends with

The beauty

On the inside.

Bathe me
I commend thee
Always trusting and
honoring thy breathe
Leaves me to reason
with my decent
Do I not take on regal abilities
Or shall I wise my sorts
so to pour
More eternity into your life
This is my fountain and
you are the recent

Your words float to me
as they kiss the air
like the rays of the sun
full of might and protection
as if created for a reaction
that sites it’s chorus
leaving nothing to the wind
to decide, but plenty full
within the insight
of a run-in with an angel
that sees my truth
as not dissolved
but recorded to stare at
as I evolve with my
words so dear
let me make clear
my testimony is boarded
and weaving my words
is never done without
help from above
and I project tiles
of ceremony
from what seems
harmony sent to me.

You make your own cool
As you sip your soda
Always nodding as you smile
You’re so cool
in the way you quit smoking
always finding yourself and
Never letting addictions provoke you
You’re so cool
You’ve lost another twenty pounds
And your plenty on your way to being a model
Your so cool
How you say that the eye is but a tool
And I agree as I see
On the board is a score of a team
On a winning streak
And you say you have the tickets
You’re so cool
In the way you’re immovable
Concrete is your history
Proving that you rely on God
Your so cool
I remember the times apart
And I think now we offer each other
Something that should be in art,
Our picture of life is
Part of living our destiny out
As you look my way
My eyes will tell you that I portray the sea,
And i’m a fool for you.

Weathered Rose
Lord, your rose is so wise
She plays into my eyes
As a founder of perfection
So splendid is my reaction
To touch it and it bursts into color
It lay in my hands in tender
Petals of Mercies hoping I see its beauty
So sings my kin which was once mute.

They are mounted in brilliance
They lay as ceremony’s say
Of what a treasure is yonder
So my resilience
Is desperate sincerely of this day
For your empire and I bother
To say what cures my tests
Is not in disarray, but contends
To what is the truth

2nd Place
Truly the test comes at completion
How will I decide to react to this ribbon
So low on a scale as if weaved with laughter
I refuse to give in to my own skill
Of rejection
So I stand with this red ribbon
And I will kiss it as I go to bed
Because it was won in the effort sought
And this brings me truth behind what unfolds
In this distint yet firm award
Stating I am a winner and this I report
To everyone that sees me
Happy and content I am
Come be my friend, I’ll give you my ribbon.

Thy spirit is nestled in your attributes
I throw myself into your truths
So magnificent they are full of robust scores and more
I lift my head in a drought and I praise you in all doubt
Lord, you grant me a regal power to love
And I am not above anyone else, although you make
Me feel like I have no inequities.
My magic is securely untouched
And is called dignity so enthralled
Its suit is your armor and so I am warmer
In nature, you comfort me with wonders
So abreast on my youth, I know your test
Is due in your timing and im miming what seems rue
With all powers my suffering is in claiming my name.