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The Struggles spilling into your life have not pressed on your wounds

Rather, They have courted you into the truth of your Success

Bending all the rules to meet with Time, and yearn for more

So that the spread of your Willpower fertilizes the years to come,

and does Not hide when called upon

Open the blinds to view your Inspiration, let the light in to redefine your brilliance

And Let the only thing that sit muted in your life

Be your Fear

I stride and find

That my escapes

Measure me most and take

Me to places in my dreams

It seems that I  make

A new beginning

With every mistake

And forgo my drifting signs

Of  forgetting

My past

But holding onto what

Holds true

To my success


Enclosed is my passion

Laying low to ration

With abilities

You tease me with insight

And I hand you a medal

Hoping you can see through

The pardons

You are

Forcefully rejected

And I elect a new person

For me

So much kin is available to us

If you choose

To believe in something more

And we can do better for us

Choices come along

And play into the stream of reality

And sets in dreams and desires

That better people and things

If you weren’t so full of it

I could admit

That you could be nicer

But today

It’s plain that you don’t care enough

To commit to me


I’m leaving you now

You toy with my emotions

And you say I love you

As if you need me

Now I see

You don’t know what you want

You play with me

And say you’re beautiful

But you don’t even know what it means

The words you use seem to lose

Context the more you use them

Lay them in front of you

And lets just see how they cling

To something so wrong

You decide you don’t need me

My life isn’t what you want

To care about anymore

So much fun it’s been

Wasting my time

 You and I

Never even arguing

But now it’s come

Time to rescue myself

From what you call

A love

Today I see your words

Mean much less than your tongue


If I cared more for you

I would find

More shared memories

should I hold onto you?

You take me to places

In my dreams

That tempt me

To say ‘how grand I could be”

Lifting my passions

And making me reach

As if I have no fears

And no more tears for this life

Because In you

I find my best


Give me a power

And they may shower me

With a pride

That I find in myself

So many stories I lay at your door

Hoping you can see the true me

My destiny

Includes who it is I can be

And who I am today

Leads me

To realize

I already have my greatest love

In me

With you

We can be

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

The best couple

I’ve ever known of

My love

Without careless worries

And so in tune

Is the song that we declared is ours

So long ago

Let it tell our story tomorrow

As we live in countless predictions

That give us our benedictions

To lead our own way

With true love.


So many cures that we’re sure of

Always remarking on what we sew of

We offer life a flight of a tale

So many have sight of

In my view

I choose to keep right

About what tends to me

And what keeps me in the light of

The stream that is endless

And continues through the night of

Or in the day of

Never ceases but pleases

My journey

Allowing a tight

Scope of brilliance

To let hope know its

Found in what is white of

And so pure

Is the gate waiting for me

Showing me my beauty

Is but a delight of


You’re binding me to

See the real me

Is who I mean to be

Always loving and committed

To my song

Am I wrong to please myself

With a tune so new

That it’s label is but a fable

In the future

I can see who

I’m meant to be

And I think I’m bound

To you and you and you

This is my life

Always stating  the truth

Of what my life brings

So much sentiment today

As I lay my shadow at the door

Never forgetting who made me

But enduring the lost

As but a pause of me

Holding to the future is plain you

Try to say

But I see this riddle finding me

In a place that hides me as the flesh

To my bones

You may think you see the real me

But it is yet to be discovered

As I show you

My laugh

The depth of it stays with me

Keeping me in solitude

Offering the magnitude

Of what is becoming

Keeps me going hoping

to keep my secret

of who I’m trying to hide.

So much pleasure

In what you offer me

I see in one view

That you too

Love so much

Your wonder

Leaves me questioning

My perception

What is real seems so blissful

Today may I

Call you insane

Because then we would be the same

Let me mark you

With the sound of my harp

And I will show you

Truly what I know

You talk to me and say

It is in me

And I lay to reason

With the best place

Is in my imagination

Living in today

And bringing in tomorrow

This is me

And you afford me

To use

Another tune

So perfect only the heavens

Hear it’s truth.

I’m blind for you

Bring to me your nature

So that I may be in your rapture

And remind me to keep being me.


The magic is in

The kin of delivery

Washing away the sin

What was once knit

So tight

Is now loose to flight

In the breeze

So often

Please remember

There’s never too much

When a bunch of flowers

Offer their heads to a bed

Laying at ease

Is it’s tease of approval

With it’s power

It’s touch

Is such that brings


The taste of sweet

So much static

Charging itself

Full of energy

Never leaving

But breathing into

 a ceremony

Of it’s stature

So in harmony

Is the wonderful

In me.

My posture exudes courage

And my passion excludes desires

That keep me tied up

So open I feel today

Ready and never tired

I can make this the best time

Of my life if I can commit

Like I did yesterday

Today I will be ever so diligent

Resisting all temptations to lose hope

And looking yonder begetting

What comes from me

And offering the sun

It’s rays back

Into the sky that marks my path

In the clouds that form to my wrath

Here me roar as I leave

My mark and wash my face

Of your ways

You will not hold me back

I refuse to check my vision

I’m clearly in the scope of perfection with strength

So my mold is truly a correction

Of you and your ways

I will keep to my heart and press on with hope

And this is my art of creation

My life to you

How you view me is also up to you

But I will live in endurance