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Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

It’s time to tell you

Just how wonderful you are

Happy Birthday

And let this special day

Bring you closer to your dreams

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Let your birthday show you

A perfect day

True to who you are

By reveling in the magic

Of this anniversary

Let this light

Shine into your life

And let it find you

With hopes and dreams

That breathe into your

Promising future

Happy Birthday

This is a special day

To hold onto throughout the year

Marking the day

You were born

You’ve shown

Me that life is nicer

With you in it

Let my commitment to you

Help Show you this day

And through our life together

Just how special you are

It’s a joy just thinking of you

What you bring to others lives

Unfolds as a song

Many a tunes suffice

But today

I make the headline

Just singing Happy Birthday

Let this tell you how much I love you

And kick back and relax

To enjoy the melody

Today is your day to

Relax and feel great

About who you are

And how you’ve lived

Remember to think

Of how you’ve changed my life

By just knowing you

Thank you and happy Birthday

I love you

Happy Birthday!

This is your day

To relax

And enjoy

What you have

Take this day

And rejuvenate

Your spirit

Lift your cares to the sun

And worry only

About what song

You want to play

It’s your birthday

this might seem late

but today I will make

sure you know how great you are

Your life Has been

A monument Of beauty

Let this Display

Show you How truly

Wonderful You are

Happy 40th birthday

And let all your wishes

Come to fruition this year

50th Birthday Woman

Today it seems

Plain I should

congratulate you

On living a life

That brings

A colorful

stream of beauty

into the air

Happy Birthday

And let this year

bring you

a dream

that includes this rainbow

reflecting on all your years to come

 Think of

Your life

And let it take you

To oceans

of beauty

showing you

what you bring to

people’s lives

Happy Birthday

And let this year

Bring you a taste

Of what you offer others