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I stride and find

That my escapes

Measure me most and take

Me to places in my dreams

It seems that I  make

A new beginning

With every mistake

And forgo my drifting signs

Of  forgetting

My past

But holding onto what

Holds true

To my success

You toy with my emotions

And you say I love you

As if you need me

Now I see

You don’t know what you want

You play with me

And say you’re beautiful

But you don’t even know what it means

The words you use seem to lose

Context the more you use them

Lay them in front of you

And lets just see how they cling

To something so wrong

You decide you don’t need me

My life isn’t what you want

To care about anymore

So much fun it’s been

Wasting my time

 You and I

Never even arguing

But now it’s come

Time to rescue myself

From what you call

A love

Today I see your words

Mean much less than your tongue


If I cared more for you

I would find

More shared memories

should I hold onto you?

So many nights I lay awake

Thinking of how to date


Is it by my age or is it bigger

Than something meant to take

My years away.

Might I admit that I

Like feeling older

It helps me see more

And understand my hope

Is impressed with tales

So many of them take me

Beyond an expression

The love, the hate,

The worship, the memories

Take me to my limits

And suggest I continue

To express my fortitude

Is in how I deliver myself today

Not yesterday,

What possesses me is my very own

Succession of leadership

Skills I have honed in on my entire life

This is the courage it takes to resume myself

Not as imperfect but as remarkably


Today I am courageous admitting

My failures and my past do not mark me today

And may I absorb in this passion of life

What does not conform me

But inform me for my future tests.

I rest in this.

Growing up
I lay down my lovey
Getting ready for studies
Yesterday I was a child
And today im mildly in youth
Skipping through my adolescent seasons
Preparing to renew my spirit is my reason
For searching for my approaching year
I cant wait to be eight, also loved was seven
I always hold onto my past
Taking with me in my mind my lovey
And in my hands is I see the numbers jumping off the page
Math has always been my favorite subject
I hope yesterday brought today the beauty I see.

2nd Place
Truly the test comes at completion
How will I decide to react to this ribbon
So low on a scale as if weaved with laughter
I refuse to give in to my own skill
Of rejection
So I stand with this red ribbon
And I will kiss it as I go to bed
Because it was won in the effort sought
And this brings me truth behind what unfolds
In this distint yet firm award
Stating I am a winner and this I report
To everyone that sees me
Happy and content I am
Come be my friend, I’ll give you my ribbon.

Shoe lacesLaying low to reason with seasons
Of shoes so loose lays the laces
Tempting ears to rise
In a disguise after I realize
What I just sewed of my shoe
Are the two bunny ears and new
Are my laces of blue
Tying on top of and under
Dances my fingers as they linger
Waiting for my thoughts to reach me
As I teach me to exercise
The dance and the knot of the bunny
So sunny today in my light
Im happy they’re tight
And as I run I will have fun
Jumping as my mind uses
My binding of a story
Of a kind
That helps me learn
That I can earn
The respect of myself
As I reach the shelf
Of my glory
And become a winner.

So wide seems my sided view
Of horses and ponies, “oh what a course,”
Of riding this is, soon to be hiding me
Behind one, yet none are alive
So they cant say Hi to me
Although I feel their stares daring me to kiss them
On their mouths so fresh is what im about to do
Smiling my way into the news