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Lord, my life is such a gift

Don’t let me miss out on it

You take me to the shadows of the darkness

And push me to take heart of a new me

One I don’t like

Press in me better decisions than yesterday

Bear with me every last escape

And never let me take the easy way out

Forgive me for my train of thoughts

Instill courage as I see the truth

Be in harmony with me

And charm me into a new conception

I need you more than ever right now

Today and tomorrow

Keep me strong


I take from me the depth of despair

and force it into the air

Let it float as I now focus

On boats sailing in the seas

And let it be different this time with you and me

I know my care is fair to say in your hands

Lord grant me the strength to always do your will

And give me the power to blossom my flower of life.


Lord you use me as a shield against satan

And i yield to your truth As it fills my youth

In such harmony Are my ways So pure

Always regarding My years to come

You offer me righteousness With your son

Let it be your will I am won

With every word In my mind

So as to find What blesses me so

Is my will And let it shine Through my days

As you bind Me to your word

Use me and give me glory

I seek you And my heart is only

A part of my Sun that offers rays

And shines through All my ways

In your days With me

Give me Your mercy

Lord, take from me thoughts that don’t become me

Help me say every nice thing I think

And call me to be someone encouraging again

So many nights I lay awake in worry

Help me stay proper in you

And wash away my fears

Ups and downs

Lord, you kiss my forehead

And I shed my fears

So much love you offer me

Always hovering over me Are your angels

So many angles play into my picture of life

Let me take a moment to day thank you

For the ups and downs of life

And let them play into what is right about me


Lord, show me that through this depression is the mold

 that holds it’s passion to a new level

And resist in me anger that so often succeeds

Bless me and lead me in to the depth of success

Lord, you bother me with what stares at me in the dark

So black today as I pay homage to what abuses me

Let me start my day over,

And don’t give me a cold shoulder

Begin in me gladness

And wipe clean my despair

Make me new

It’s true I’m in satisfaction with you