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I love your ways

So tender and merciful

You ought to know

I’m much more than I can show

I’m lifted to new heights every time

You challenge me

And when I listen

I can hear angels in the air

Of inspiration

Slowly defeating my will

And daring me to be stronger

I will keep pushing

 and will never

give into failure

the sun rises in my eyes

and I can see my future

being true to me

resilient to feats that meet

me at my knees

and holding onto

the pressure that exhilarates me

and keeps me pressing on

I refuse to take part in giving up


In a minute your life can change

What would you like it to say about you

Have you gained the respect you are due

And have you accomplished your dreams

So many streams of light flow through

what meets with the eye of the matter

so many times you’ve suffered

And it’s true you’ve earned your keep

So stop weeping about your past

It does not define you

Let your life shine it’s beauty into the depths

Of high waters and let this ocean

Be true to who you are

 In it rests the wonder of your heart

Keep going and never give into your failure

Let it be fuel to your fire

And regard it as small compared to what marks

Your path.

Surely you have enough confidence to claim your ways today

As remarkable.

My soul sits

As a dialect of love

You’re overcome my failures

And I attest you exists

Your presence is regal

And I am in upheaval

Of your decent

Your directness

Overshadows me

And your performance

Is masterfully rattled

My soul rings a treble in the water

Its youth is flattered

By the glorious waves of continuity

This everlasting fountain

Is to blame for my loss of  shame

I’m one with myself

And I reign forever as the water

So aqua and truly the queen of me

Is the perfection I wish to be.

My passions take me past my critical affairs

And lurks beneath my skin a pair of hands

Keeping my heart beating

This pressure that I bear is also in you

We receive and view passion differently

But we are all the same

Made of blood and bone

And my tone might come off

A little honed in on you to step up

And match me at my eyes

You cant stay down on your knees all day long


It’s time for you to start redirecting and reaching

And perfecting this art of your life

You manage to have a testimony

Can you also be damaged by a lonely?

Recover and feel projected of strength

Erect yourself and stand like you mean it

Today and say it is in your blood that you can meet with

Adversity in the eye and say

Watch this!

Because I have Christ.


My position plays me into

A description only few

Can mark of

Tender memories

Pleasant anomalies


For a consumption of life

We are handed a target

And it’s our job to find it

In action

So is it up to me to hit it

Or do I commit to just viewing

What meets my eye

In a simple try

To hold onto my ego

Is it most reigning in my past

Or is it always set in the future

How true it would seem to me

To be always challenged

Seeing where I might be

Shall I let go of what holds me back

Or is it leading me into a place

That I once met with the dice?


In hopelessness Is the power to reform

My thoughts

Creating what I want to think

Is the best way to live

Determining what possesses me

Cures me of my fashionable


I love so I stay strong

With God

He pushes me to the edge

With infallible questions

And persists I dig deeper

To institute more inspiration for the future

He says, “today is over, so prepare for tomorrow.”

And in this I find peace

That meets me with passion

To exist

This is who I want to be

I am this

But I cant see today

Maybe tomorrow I will discover what I am

You take me out of the depths of despair

 to stir in me

what clearly reassures my abilities

as splendid

I’m writing day and night

For what seems to be right

Hoping to monument my sight

Of what was once a fright

With all my might

Can I take me to new heights?

All of me being in a flight

Of what was once that created my plights

Also created my abilities to forgo my next insight

Offer me a tight

Hope and let it soar in quite

A satisfaction that makes me tell satan to bite

Me in this new light


So many cures that we’re sure of

Always remarking on what we sew of

We offer life a flight of a tale

So many have sight of

In my view

I choose to keep right

About what tends to me

And what keeps me in the light of

The stream that is endless

And continues through the night of

Or in the day of

Never ceases but pleases

My journey

Allowing a tight

Scope of brilliance

To let hope know its

Found in what is white of

And so pure

Is the gate waiting for me

Showing me my beauty

Is but a delight of


You’re binding me to

See the real me

Is who I mean to be

Always loving and committed

To my song

Am I wrong to please myself

With a tune so new

That it’s label is but a fable

In the future

I can see who

I’m meant to be

And I think I’m bound

To you and you and you

This is my life

Always stating  the truth

Of what my life brings

So much sentiment today

As I lay my shadow at the door

Never forgetting who made me

But enduring the lost

As but a pause of me

Holding to the future is plain you

Try to say

But I see this riddle finding me

In a place that hides me as the flesh

To my bones

You may think you see the real me

But it is yet to be discovered

As I show you

My laugh

The depth of it stays with me

Keeping me in solitude

Offering the magnitude

Of what is becoming

Keeps me going hoping

to keep my secret

of who I’m trying to hide.