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Winter months bear witness to a world filled with its magic
feathered snow falls, hearts awaken ,and presents lay unwrapped
fleeting dreams slumber under a blanket of love awaiting unpunished time
obsequence compels us to follow the stars in the sky
lighting trees glimmering, dazzling our senses the scent of the season promises
to enlighten us, the brush of tender memories fall to prepare us for what is next
omnipotence surrounds us all as the spirit guides sending fears to their end
and greeting our will on a path that surrenders to the beauty of this Christmas night
hallelujah grips my mind as I praise God for designing such a divine day
marking the highlights of the year for a future undiscovered hidden in our trust abiding in all greatness that passes judgment lightly and tugs at our souls to uncover all the treasures that suit our guests
thank you for joining me on Christmas may this day bring you immeasurable joy and happiness

The Gift of Jesus

The warm sigh of mother Mary

Carrying her newborn

This splendid day of delivery

enchants us all

Christmas is not only a day

Of giving

It hosts undying love for our father

Who adores us all

Rejoicing in hallelujahs

Is what meets the brilliant morn

It seems beauty not only rests in

The white snow, but the bows and presents

That offer sentiment behind

commemorating our majesty

with love for all


The angels sing Hallelujahs

For unto us a child is born

designing everlasting praise

the sweet heavens whisper

to the one that lives to pay for our sins

the Christmas chorus reigns

in a joyful ringing to our ears

The lighted sky

brings brilliance

 to the most high

It is in this blessed morn

That stirs our form

To rejoice and serve

With gifts of joy

Not just on this day

But forever more

Tucking presents under the tree

Smiling about what will be

Sends messages to your soul

Snuggling and making memories

Hanging stockings full of secrets

Listening to the sound of caroling

You will never forget this security

That cleanses the night and day

Bringing richness and gladness

As you portray giving

Your spirit rests falling back

To the harmony of simplicity

Tis a white winter night

‘neath the bright sparkling sky

The crescent of the moon

Declares the highest sentiment

Of heaven

Bringing snow of angels

And the bow of gifts

We pause and sigh

At the hourglass eye

Dependant upon a regal evening

Thou fills the souls with peace

Reaching to the beginning of time

Reminisces the heart

That takes part in showing gladness

To the one that caressed our nation

Upon delivery of such brilliance

And magnificent frozen cheeks

That glow even in crow of the of the morn

Dances the morning to come

Offering what is born of the sun

Balances the life that has been worn

Bringing blessings and Christmas spirit

To all who accompany the willing generosity

That we hold so dear of Christmas Cheer

Tis tall

Tis lit

Tis  all

What is bright

Tis green

Tis merry

Tis all what seems


This tree is mighty

Full  of stories

And laughter

Tis the time of year

To be jolly

And I hear

Harps are not to far


Merry Christmas

The snow glistens on the trees

I stand inside gazing

And waiting with my hot cocoa

It drips of marshmellows

Please sip slowly I told the young ones

As they get in a row

Waiting to sing carols

Tenderly I ask if they will see Santa this year

They gladly respond

And i’m not surprised

 they have

Hopes and dreams

and wishes to complete

by golly, I want to believe!

I tell then not to leave

And they fall asleep

 staring at the chimney all night

winter wonderland

so empirical are my desires

to breathe the freshness that’s offered

chilly cold air

so much is here

out in the snow

it glistens and is blown

to make hills that thrills

the senses

laughing outloud

on the sled

we can touch the sky

with our might

my will says,

“Let’s go faster”

I forget

As I tempt the season to deliver

More snow

That we probably have had enough

But seeing it fall

Encourages me to be out in it all

Sledding, making snow angels

And tossing snowballs here and there

Is nearer to the pleasure

That you can measure by just inches

The snow glistens on the trees

The melody is playing a song that tugs at my memory

For years I’ve imagined this day

When Santa Claus is my very own

He’s wearing a beard and learning a taste

For milk and cookies

I cant wait for tomorrow with faces that cheer

And follow him to his sleigh

Sparkling are the eyes

In this exhilarating season

Full of joy and excitement

Santa is back in town

Ready to storm through the stores

And hear the secrets of the poor

Small secrets

 large secrets

It’s time to think of it

Sooner or later

It will be your turn

To ask Santa Clause for more

The sun is shining on the day

That may

Come with a sleigh

And a suited man in red

That teaches us

To give freely

And lay our burdens down

For just one day