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Let me clarify
This is at best a ‘chance’
At a distance
I’m dancing by myself
I’m floating in harmony
And i’m reaching for what empowers me
My strength comes from my foundation
And my relations unfold as
A cure to others
You may stare at me if you like
Because I know
Im the best at what I do
So the rest is up to you
take heart to be part of this
revolution of poetry
at a glance you see pleasure?
Please leave a comment?

I don’t have a clue

what to do

as im new

to this blog world

If you could comment with links to your blogs

that would entice me to check you out. let me know what moves you.

Thanks, Aimee

Inner wind
I have an inner wind
She moves me into captivation
She approves of me and my content
Reaching for the tips of the flowers
She decides to bloom me
In all my best of days
She takes control and possesses me
To never end and muses me
To perfection so allegory
It makes me profess my faith
To myself rests
In very way I perform
Miracles of believing in myself
If this reaches you comment on
This sonnet. Thank you

Listen to yourself
Let me take you back
To your youth
You were told
To wash your hands before dinner
And you were told to
Answer when called on
Today you’re a little older
and I’m wondering
If you will comment
On this blog
So that I can write better for you
And its true, i’m a poet
And I want everyone to know it
Your sister or brother can show it too
By emailing me at aimee@mortgagesbyaimee.com
For free poetry
for those blank cards
whether its a birthday, anniversary, or sympathy
Its just so much fun.