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2nd chance

Love, your patience is endless

And you give me this second chance

To be yours again

I’m truly devoted to you

In so many ways I love this dance of life

In what performs in my heart

Can compare to an art form

Monumentally changing

the seasons from my soul

I’m forever yours


You watch me and it takes me higher

 than I thought I could be

When you touch me it makes me feel

as if in flight

When you kiss me I feel free

When you sing to me

It’s as if an angels tone

When you wink at me, i feel protected

All I want to be is your number 1

Let’s go have some fun in life

 I love you

Love, what an odd position you put me in

Telling me that we have to move for your job

Let me prove my love for you doesn’t depend

On our address

I love you and will follow you anywhere

Love, so much skepticism in a relationship

Never really knowing how to react to pessimism

I’m trying to handle you

but you make it impossible

To continue this way

Let’s get back to a venue of classical perfection

Let’s use our past to create our future

And forget about what happened

Love, Take me to the depths of your love

Teach me to see the beginning of divinity

Consume me with your passion

And escort me into ecstasy

So much lay open as we talk about our future

We may not be better than anyone else

But today I can say my life is richer with you in it

So much that commitment offers us

Holding to stone our ways

Always sticking together and never letting

Each other down

You’re my sunshine


my happiness rests in your smile

I long for the day I see you again

You’re so full of life

You bring such enjoyment to my life

The best part of our relationship pertains to how we lift each other

You’re my best friend and

 knowing of your love for me sustains me when we are apart

Sunshine, you exercise your power over me with your kisses

You wash away my fears with your laughter

So many dreams I have with you

Their like a stream of divinity leading into eternity

Endless are the matters of the heart

And I’m hoping to shower you with a new chapter of love, lets start over.

I gently wipe the tears from the apples of your cheeks
Saying Goodbye tears at my soul
its so sad in knowing tomorrow I’ll be without you,
and it will happen
Knowing of your love, sustains me when we are apart,
As you leave for war
I hold dear the miles we’ve written… what is hidden in our hearts
I am yours now and forever, remember me as I say
The key to my heart is not only
in our history, but lays in the mystery of our years to come.
I love you today and always. Be safe.