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50th Birthday Woman

Today it seems

Plain I should

congratulate you

On living a life

That brings

A colorful

stream of beauty

into the air

Happy Birthday

And let this year

bring you

a dream

that includes this rainbow

reflecting on all your years to come

 Think of

Your life

And let it take you

To oceans

of beauty

showing you

what you bring to

people’s lives

Happy Birthday

And let this year

Bring you a taste

Of what you offer others

I’m shining today
It’s my birthday
So sue me for my gaiety
I was born with this deity
To insure my place
Is in my honor
Always remarking on my
Family and friends no longer
Not today!
It’s all about me!
What I have to say matters
And I’ve been served quite the platter
Of testimonies and stories
Which one will I chose today
I think I might pose my way
Into my own sort of loose
Escape that offers
Me the comfort I offer others
You see I don’t know anybody like me
And I am my own best friend
So you see how torn I am between
Making my own stream of laughter
My very delight
And making a new story to issue
For the years to come
Ha ha ha ha…
I think this says enough.

My age…
Its my birthday
Please don’t ask me my age
I’m losing myself in this stage
Of playing the best piece
So let me continue
To rest without shouting my age
To me, I’d rather stay unaware
Than to declare
Possibilities of owning something so frivolous
As a number ridiculing my
Past, present, and future years
Hopefully you will agree
That the best times are said
To offer freedom to be
Nothing set in stone
So go and tell your friends
That my age is a secret
This will help them
Figure out who I am
Without judging me
For all they care
I’m a girl with long blonde hair.

It’s Saturday
What to do Go shopping
Or bar hopping
Oh boy what a beautiful day
Oh joy how plentiful it is that
It’s my birthday today
I just turned 33
Another year closer to becoming
Someone I want to be
Hoping to mope no more
Aging is fine
I cant hide my wrinkles
Or get rid of cellulite
But today i’m right
To live without those cares
Because its Saturday
And my birthday
No tears as I declare
I’m the best me today
So please wish for me
Another year of fun in the sun
So that I can stay one with my poetry.