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the color glistens

 and touches the wind as gold flatters the sky

reveling in the science behind

creating an end to begin new in the following year

This autumn brings a joyous taste to my memory

Resembling a past and a future

All medling creatively designing a passion

That catches my tears

Profoundly enchanting

Magically prospering

And rejuvenating my youth

Teasing with my senses

The apple pies and pumpkin spice

Are never fulfilling enough

As I wake to take in another day

Of Autumn


As I stand and watch as autumn takes its hold around me

I feel the chill wind that abounds within

It makes me draw my coat tighter and bind to me

 It teases me as it blows stronger

 trying to blow my coat off

I look up at the trees around me

 I see the chill wind as it blows through

 the leaves of the great maple

 As the wind gets colder

 the great maple’s leaves begin changing color

 Ever so slightly it changes from green to a bright red hue

  It seems as though the leaves are dancing with the breeze

 Then one by one

 the leaves begin to fall

 all inspiring me

 I find myself fascinated

 by this as I stand there gazing

 upon this spectacle

 I start dancing among the falling leaves

embracing the colors within me

 I can feel the leaves crunching under my feet

 All of a sudden

 I forget how cold it really is

and just embrace the scenery that is all around me

 Oh how amazing it truly is

This season called autumn


You move me with your cold wind

So true you are to give in

To my desires of color

And blend into the magic that falls

To take cover

And the orange and brown suit

The ground

Taking over as children fall over

Into the piles of leaves

Floating above the grass

Never too fast

 can we rake up the mess

And the wind sings to me

As they loan their colorful

garments off the trees

fully bare they are

and here I see

what can be of nature

brilliantly scarce of coverings

on the trees

forming new truth

for the years to come

as regenerating themselves

Falling Leaves

The leaves fall

And the trees hand over

Their paws

To the cold weather

So much sentiment behind

Leaving them all

To be grounded

In all

 Entirely Reaching

 for a different Season

the winter is coming

so the autumn is born

realizing it’s torn

 between living and hibernating

in the rapture of the cold air

trees live within

and give into their cycle

of manifesting their power

of showering the flowers

with delight