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Allergies you think it’s ok

For you to hide all year and then you decide

To poke around in my body in the spring time

As if you’re saying “hi”

You think i’m going to let you attack

My sinuses

And discomfort my breathing

I’ve got news for you

So many times I think about you

In ill will and let it be said

That you’re not my bread

And water.

You have to learn to live without me

You do nothing but cause disharmony

To my body

You’re wasting your time

Trying to get at me and ruin my day

This is the last time I’m going to say

That you put me in a grumpy mood

So soon it will be when you’re gone

I’ve waiting my entire life for this time

When I shine against you will allergy shots

I’ve decided to put you with my waste

Right in the toilets.


Allergies you’re always deceiving me

I thought that you met with my tears

To share your story

Now I see you want to put fear

Of the glory of outdoors in me

So many times I decide to stay inside

Rather than enjoying what had

Taken place outside

I mourn with myself

Secretly plotting against you

Today I may be insinuating

Something hidden

But tomorrow you will see

Im playing outside

From now on

And you won’t be able

To stop me

I’ll show you whose boss

I dare you to follow me to the moss

And see me not sneeze

The more I psych myself out

The more I want to fall

To my bike and cry about you

I resist all tears today

I have none left for you.

You only deserve my fist

So fair that is and I insist

You end.

I’m just so sick of you allergies

My nose is clogged and my throat itches

So many stitches it seems you cause me

You bog down my day

And I can’t have fun on the boat today

Because of you

Why don’t you go away

For good

And never

Come back

I’m done hosting you.

So stop boasting in my body

The more you say the more I hate you

My fate has never included you

Please, you’re trying to turn me

Against what I love the most

Trees, flowers, and pollen

You think you have power over me

To change my view

It’s been two days in bed now

And i’m not letting my pout

 take over any longer

I’m shouting this:

How do you think my life

would change without you?!
I guess we’ll see because

I’m getting allergy shots

Starting In two weeks!! YAY!