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You toy with my emotions

And you say I love you

As if you need me

Now I see

You don’t know what you want

You play with me

And say you’re beautiful

But you don’t even know what it means

The words you use seem to lose

Context the more you use them

Lay them in front of you

And lets just see how they cling

To something so wrong

You decide you don’t need me

My life isn’t what you want

To care about anymore

So much fun it’s been

Wasting my time

 You and I

Never even arguing

But now it’s come

Time to rescue myself

From what you call

A love

Today I see your words

Mean much less than your tongue


If I cared more for you

I would find

More shared memories

should I hold onto you?


You leave me begging

For endeavors met

In snow

So cold it is today

Waiting for you to come

How do I have fun without you

Tugging at me is what is new

Yearning to be someone so true

To who I am in my dreams

Smiling at myself

Comes the stream of hope

Never out of scope

But in the power of my will


Comes from the sun

With rays of days

Met as one

With the beginning of time

Come to me and inspire me

To sing again

Bring your warmth

And shower me with forgiveness

It is only you I want

Remember this testimony

Is regarded as the rays

From what tells me the truth

Without you I have no passion

So much courage it takes

To ration my time

In perspectives in sight

With what might make me

Into marvelous

Take me to your depth

And create in me

The wealth that I want.

I rest my case

So many objections

To what you say

On one hand your modest

And the next your laying

Out acquisitions as if

With haste

Can you commit

To steering clear of all doubt

And manifesting your shout of disapproval

In a different way

You’re insane

For thinking

 That manipulating me

Is going to bring

Any resolution

To you.


I’m moving and proving myself

As incessantly pleasured by action

My test comes when I’m measured

By my treasures of conviction

So many restrictions come and go

Always pressing me to my scope

Of what was once transforming is now

Informing me to prosper on my own

Never regretting a movement

Sewn within the leaves

Please use this case

As sentiment for your new pace

And let it recover

What was once tethered

Let it be Free To see

That beauty is  In the duty

Of beginning.


You’ve won

So many have but one


It’s to succeed

So many are clueless

What it means

I’m telling you now

It seems to me

That beauty is not

Only in the eye

Of the beholder

It also lies in the

Hearts content

Truly streaming through


And the succession

Of pride along with will

Takes us to the next tide

In the ocean

Learning of what makes us a winner

Surely you can see

Is all up to beings

Of aptitude

Testing one’s will

Along with reaching

Beyond what we see

Allows us the dignity to face

Our actions

And withstand pain

To the end.

Until won in body and soul.

Are you a winner?

It’s just a memory

My youth and I do not

Really enjoy your plight

My resonance entails

The bliss that lifts

And sails on a warm afternoon

I’m not sure exactly why you’re so out of tune

These days

But it must be from what’s become

So lost as your voice

I will be here

Once you find yourself again

Don’t lose hope

And remember the fun

Is in the journey.

Good luck.

Leaving you

So much is my loss

As you toss words my way

I’m sorry that so much is at cost

When you became an imposter

It is only in you

That I trusted

And you’ve become

Someone that I must

Stay away from

I’m sorry that my life no longer

Includes you.

But now I’m the boss

And I say

It’s true that my life is

Better without you.