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Leaving you

So much is my loss

As you toss words my way

I’m sorry that so much is at cost

When you became an imposter

It is only in you

That I trusted

And you’ve become

Someone that I must

Stay away from

I’m sorry that my life no longer

Includes you.

But now I’m the boss

And I say

It’s true that my life is

Better without you.

You say you want to take care of me

Yet you joke about giving me money

So many times I lay awake

Thinking that life is opaque

When in reatlity it’s clear

That you want me without my problems

So I will wallow in them by myself

Because in this is the shelf of opportunity

Offering me what you’ve never been giving

I don’t just want your heart,

I want the art that we’ve made together

I want it all

Give me your wonder

And I will tell you

That when December comes

I will no longer need your friendship.

why do I feel so lonely in this relationship?

I am in tune with what is sand
So free it roams and in the hand
It truly sparkles to the eye
Resin in its kiss
Offers a beauty as it sifts
Through my feet
And says that rebellion
Is not too far away
When my feet meet concrete.

The blue ribbon
I dance to win
A wealth
So true
Is my kin
Sitting in residue
Of a youth
No longer trying to blend in
Rather becoming the great from within.

2nd Place
Truly the test comes at completion
How will I decide to react to this ribbon
So low on a scale as if weaved with laughter
I refuse to give in to my own skill
Of rejection
So I stand with this red ribbon
And I will kiss it as I go to bed
Because it was won in the effort sought
And this brings me truth behind what unfolds
In this distint yet firm award
Stating I am a winner and this I report
To everyone that sees me
Happy and content I am
Come be my friend, I’ll give you my ribbon.

You cant fool me as you call me a pupil
I am in disguise a genius to flatter
Upon my destiny , “oh I sit pretty”
In my armed chairs with brown hair
you think they don’t live? As you strive
to be something you’re not, mentioning
illustrating and conjugating
I’d say I accept you as you fall to what calls you
Out of my mouth spurring into action
Whats so frivolous of me is not whats pouring out of me,
Its in what I don’t say that mocks me the most.